Friday, March 23, 2007

Viral Community News

You guys are puttin' out so much cool stuff there oughta be a law...

1 - Thanks to Trish for letting me know about this great article on how companies are using blogging to grow their businesses. Good advice for consultants on up to corporations!

2 - Jaffe is asking everyone for their favorite marketing blogs, which is of course a shameless ploy to get everyone to brag about how great Jaffe Juice is. Fine, so I took the bait...

3 - Check out SunRise Promotions's music marketing blog I found because they left a comment here. The music industry needs all the marketing help it can get, I don't know if you were aware of that, BTW.

4 - Maura lets us know about the Social Media Club which seems to be a pretty rockin' blog media.

5 - Becky and Drew are asking for everyone to give their advice to college graduates on how to get that first job. My best advice? Be VERY wary of any job-hunting advice you get from your instructors, since the last time they had to look for a job was probably 1983. The rumor is that times have changed a bit since then.

6 - Paul predicts a corporate-created YouTube copycat is gonna suck. I predict Paul will be proven right.

7 - Toby has a great interview with the incredibly hot Penelope Trunk on how to get attention from the mainstream media. Penelope is a columnist for the Boston Globe (Our friend Maura Welch also writes for the Globe), as well as Yahoo! Finance. This is a great interview because so many of us bloggers that want to grow our blogs always think that getting links from A-List bloggers is what we need, when as I've said before, the mainstream is still where it's at.

8 - I should have already mentioned this, but check out Max's advertising blog Maple Takedown (Thanks Danny) (Whups Austin's is Fresh + Squeezed). Max joined Beyond Madison Avenue a few months back, and has jumped into the blogosphere with both feet at the tender age of 17. So that means when he graduates college, he'll have at least 4 years blogging and social media experience under his belt. Can you say 'employable'? Congrats Max, you're well on your way.

9 - The early results are in for the Bum Rush the Charts movement to get Black Lab's 'Mine Again' to the top of the iTunes charts. 'Mine Again' didn't make the Top 100 on iTunes, but I got my copy and it's a pretty good song. I think much of their music, if not all, is podsafe, so don't be surprised if you don't hear them on an upcoming episode of Mind The Gap (which IS coming soon, I promise). Looks like the Bum Rush The Charts blog had around 100,000 visitors and feed readers yesterday. Not bad when you consider that many would have bought directly from iTunes. So it's quite possible that a few hundred thousand of us bought the single yesterday. Anyone from the RIAA listening? Too busy suing 12 year-old girls in Texas for allegedly downloading a song? Thought so.

10 - Jeff has a great post about tapping into the power of evangelists for your fund-raising efforts. Love this closing quote:
Having no control doesn't guarantee you a crowd of excited evangelists blogging their hearts out about you. But tight control on your marketing pretty much guarantees that you won't have that.

What's more important to you?


11 - Mimi has posted the Z-List with her additions. Look at how long the list is getting! Love it, and Mimi told me she's going to periodically add new blogs to the list, as she finds them. This is what it's all about, and I told Mimi this: The Z-list works because it's about EVERYONE ELSE, not you. By posting the Z-List, you shine the spotlight on the COMMUNITY. And that inspires them to do the same.

Companies could learn a thing or three from the Z-List, mainly that, it's not about you.

12 - Technorati is about to confirm what the rest of us already knew, Gavin's an A-Lister!

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Danny said...

Minor correction Mack: Max's blog is Maple Takedown: And we're quite glad to have him around!

Anonymous said...

I love me some community news!

Anonymous said...


Wow...there's a lot happening. Thanks for pulling it all together for us.

I got my copy of Mine Again yesterday too. I bought it to make the point, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. Who knew?

Thanks for the hat tip to my college grad e-book post. Anyone who adds a comment by the end of the month will be included in the free e-book.

I want to get it out before the college kids actually start thinking about looking for a job!

Thanks again for the wrap up -- it's been a busy week in the blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I do believe that all of Black Lab's songs are pod-safe, too, btw!

Mack Collier said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, I always check out everyone's blog if they leave a comment or link to me, that's the best way I have to discover great new blogs.

As for Black Lab, what about their pre-indie stuff? Remember 'Wash It Away'? Is that podsafe as well?

Anonymous said...

Ha Mack ... almost an A-lister. It is funny ... I was closer before the last post ;)

Thanks for the link to Tish ... great article!

Mack Collier said...

Sorry about that Gavin ;) I checked and CK's almost there as well.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the pre-indie stuff by Black Lab is podsafe. I didn't think about it earlier, but from my experience, labels are very controlling about any music recorded with them, even if the bands are no longer on their label.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack,

Thanks for the mention. It is great to see so many bloggers contributing their smarts to new college grads. It was Drew's idea, I just highlighted it!

Good job, Gavin and CK, on your rise up the Technorati ladder!