Monday, March 05, 2007

Using Legos to Build Readership to Your Blog

Sean at CrapHammer is one of those bloggers that, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to get the attention he deserves. Case in point, check out how he's using Legos to make a visual post about brand-building. Love how positioning ties into the 'head' of the Lego man. Perfect.

My first thought wasn't that I want to comment on this post, but rather that I wanted to create a new post here, and link Sean's post. Because I was more interested in making sure my readers here discover Sean's post, than I was leaving a comment at Sean's blog.

And that ties into a post that Lewis left today at Daily Fix. Lewis is asking about the best ways to boost readership at our blogs, and specifically addressing how to increase comments. But as I mentioned to Lewis, we shouldn't assume that a post with no or few comments, isn't being noticed. With the abundance of bookmarking sites, and of course via linking, readers can still share their interest in our posts, without commenting.

Which of course leads to another interesting debate; which do we prefer, readers that comment, or readers that link-to and bookmark our posts?

UPDATE: Just got an email from Danny, seems that Sean has joined Beyond Madison Avenue!

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Anonymous said...


There is no blog yet in existence that has done as much as yours to bring attention to the little corner of the blog-o-verse that I scoop and plaster my brain onto.

The z-list introduced me to the concept of viewership on a larger scale and made technorati a fun place to visit.

So thanks. And keep rocking the boat. It often leads to wonderful things (or wet shoes.)

To answer the question you pose is difficult. I love the conversation that comments can almost allow. But I love the exposure that comes from a link. Gah. Can I choose both??? ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out and your smart and helpful comments to my Fix post. I want links, of course, but it is within the comments section that posts come alive, I think.

Jim Symcox said...


I like to leave comments immediately I see something of interest.

Equally, if it really catches my fancy I'll blog about it too.

So that'll make Sean Howard a happy man!