Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Goin Down! Bum Rush the Charts is HERE!

For someone that is so passionate about bands using new channels to distribute music and empowering fans to market for them, I should have my ass handed to me for not blogging about this sooner. On one day, March 22nd (that's Thursday), bloggers, podcasters, and music lovers that don't like the idea of the music industry suing its own customers, are going to strike fear into the heart of the Evil Empire, the RIAA. On March 22nd, we are going to send independent band Black Lab's new song 'Mine Again' to the top of the iTunes charts.

Now before any of you cynics say this is a ploy by the band to get some exposure, guess again, this is being done by US to get the attention of traditional media, and the RIAA. Here's what the band had to say on their site when they found out what the deal was:
Holy Crap!!

hey everyone, welcome to blacklabworld, home of the american rock band black lab.

apparently, some insane stuff is going on. as we speak, a group of podcasters, representing millions of listeners to cutting edge media, have decided to make black lab's song "mine again" NUMBER 1 on the iTunes charts on March 22nd.

one day, one song. the vision is to make a statement about the power of those who make, broadcast and listen to music outside of the traditional media models, and it's an incredible opportunity for black lab fans to get familiar with podcasting and for the larger world to get familiar with black lab.

I hope you'll support us and the podcasting community on March 22nd by clicking this link and purchasing the song via the affiliate link (proceeds go to a scholarship fund, as does half of everything we will make on the 22nd). thanks!

Yep, I saved the best part for last. BumRushTheCharts, the defacto fansite for this movement, has set itself up as an iTunes affiliate. What that means to you is, if you buy Black Lab's Mine Again via THIS LINK, the site gets 5% affiliate fees, and all the commissions earned via purchases from that link will be donated to fund college scholarships! Black Lab has also agreed to donate 50% of its earnings from all iTunes sales of Mine Again tomorrow to the scholarship fund as well!

So beginning at midnight tonight, you can buy Black Lab's 'Mine Again' via THIS LINK, which will fund college scholarships, help support an indie band that supports podcasters, and bitchslap the RIAA. All worthy goals! Do your part to get the message out by blogging about this worthy cause!

Hat-tip to Jaffe, who has been all over this. He's threatening to add it as a case study in his upcoming book Join The Conversation.

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