Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Book Club Round 2 with Al and Laura Ries is LIVE!

MarketingProfs Book Club hosted by our CK is back and she's brought the First Family of Branding with her; Al and Laura Ries! We'll be discussing their bestseller, The Origin of Brands. And the discussions are already flowing, with plenty of posts on both sides of the convergence/divergence fence.

And there's even been a Laura sighting! What are you waiting for, click this link to join the fun!

What could CK have up her sleeve for Round Three?!? Hmmmm, I wonder....

UPDATE: Al and Laura both are all over the Book Club now. If you guys ever wanted to talk to a pair of literal marketing and branding legends, especially about a topic you're likely going to be hearing more of in the future (divergence), this is your chance!

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Anonymous said...

"What could CK have up her sleeve for Round Three?!? Hmmmm, I wonder...."

I have a winner up my sleeve for Round 3 as well as featuring a pool for we bookworms to sunbathe by and a special bookworm martini to sip on--a girl's gotta think "Big Picture" ya know ;-).

Thanks so much for making Book Club so fun...it will be building throughout the week and we'll be keeping Al & Laura busy.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of Laura sitings all over the place, even right here! Al and I are having fun reading all the comments and joining the discussion. See you there!