Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Conversation Carries On...

...with or without you.

Lewis has penned a winner of a post about the new Ameriprise ads starring Dennis Hopper. What makes this post so great is that so many readers, many of them boomers, are chiming in either praising the ad as being great, or praising the same ideals as the ad. Which is indirect praise.

What struck me was the passion in the comments:

"The Ameriprise ads are right on target and, from water cooler talk I hear, resonating with us boomers." - David Reich

"Fact is: Before this ad, I had never heard of Ameriprise because their services are not in focus for me, so I likely had been ignoring them. This ad changed all that. I call that effect a great success." - Lewis Green

"On a side note, because the ad struck a chord with me, I will remember Ameriprise when I need these services (and I should probably get my act together at this age and start thinking more about it ;-)." - CK

"Hopper’s message is true and touches a nerve within all of us in this age bracket." - Harry Hallman

"I'm not old yet and don't plan on getting old...just older. Nice to see that advertisers are starting yo recognize it too." - Nancy

"I think the Ameriprise spots are bang on." - Elaine Fogel

I know I'm a marketing geek, but seeing passionate and excited customers gets ME excited! This ad and its message isn't aimed at me, but seeing the passion these people have for their lifestyle and the message behind this ad was contagious! I decided to attempt to contact Ameriprise and let them know about this amazing discussion and give them the chance to interact with a few potential customers that are passionate for the message of their ads. And incidentally, potential customers talking about their ads on one of the most influential marketing blogs on the internet(Daily Fix).

So I do a Google search for "Ameriprise blog", and look what the first result is:

The Unofficial American Express and Ameriprise Blog, which greets us with the above image. Apparently Ameriprise doesn't have a blog. But as we see, their detractors definitely do.

The conversation, both good and bad, carries on with or without you...

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Anonymous said...


I knew Ameriprise is a division of AmEx -- the old IDS financial services unit, I believe.

You can't believe everything you see on the web, of course, but that Amerisux site will open some eyes. Even if it's half-true. Don't know how many people will find the site, though.

Either way, the ads are good. Can't comment on the product, since I really don't know anything about it. And, much as I like the ads, I'm happy with the advice I get from my accountant, who I've known for almost 30 years. So I won't be calling Ameriprise.

Mack Collier said...

Catherine when I did a Google search for 'Ameriprise blog', the first result was the 'Unofficial American Express/Ameriprise Blog', and I clicked on it, and had that logo staring me in the face.

That was my point, I saw where several potential customers were singing the praises of Ameriprise's ads, and I wanted to find their blog to let them know about Lewis' post on Daily Fix, but when I did a Google search, I found out that Ameriprise doesn't have a blog, but their detractors do.

That was my point with 'the conversation goes on, with or without you...'

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the shout out and for finding the "unofficial" blog. Did you contact Ameriprise and provide your link to your post? You never know. They may respond and provide enough information for a follow-up.

Mack Collier said...

Lewis I finally found their site and they had one of those contact forms you fill out where 'someone will be in contact with your within 24-48 hours' type deals, so I said to hell with it. If they were only blogging, it would be easy to leave a comment and a link to your post.

But they aren't, so opportunity lost...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have worked for Ameriprise (and I have worked in investments for a number of years)and the content on amerisux or ameriprise sucks is definitely true. If anything, it is somewhat tame from my personal experience. As an industry insider, I not only benefit from my experience but that of others that I personally know in the field. It is true. If you want to find out for yourself, simply go to a bar near a brokerage and buy a broker a beer or two. You'll get the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the ad is excellent one. It should be, they pay a lot of money to understand how baby boomers think. They also pay for psychological research on how to pull at boomers heartstrings and pay psychologists to write their scripts. The end result of all of this is a warm fuzzy feeling that allows the boomers to feel like they got a reach around when they are bent over financially and sold expensive fee laden products that benefit the salesman...errr ummm adviser... It is marketing at it's best, and I reaped the benefits of it while I worked at Ameriprise. However, I know for a fact that the content on amerisux and ameriprise sucks is true (otherwise, it would be the subject of a lawsuit). I only wish that others would market products that benefit society at such a high level.

Anonymous said...

I do have one comment, I am currently an advisor there, and beleive me, their payout is not high. Compared to the rest of the industry, I'm getting shafted. Infact, with the amount of hours they require us advisors to work a week (between 70- 80 hrs), we can probably do better at McDonalds.