Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Captain Tuttle experiment

For at least 3 seasons, MASH was one of the funniest sitcoms ever. One of their best episodes came in the first season, entitled 'Tuttle'. The episode centered on an imaginary officer that Hawkeye created. As the episode went on, the rest of the 4077th went from wondering why they had never met this Captain Tuttle, to by the end of the episode most of the camp had convinced themselves that they had not only met Captain Tuttle, but that he was the best officer in the camp!

I wonder what would happen if Tuttle came to the blogosphere?

For example, what if a 'Johnathan Tuttle' created a new blog, and 'Tuttle' would occasionally post about some conference (that no one's heard of, natch) that he will be speaking at. And then a few days later, 'Tuttle' could recap what he had said at the conference. Then to make it really believable, have 'Tuttle' sometimes post that he had attended a REAL conference where a buncha A-Listers spoke at. He could post about 'the great speeches by Doc and Scoble!'.

Am I the only one that thinks that a buncha bloggers would suddenly start treating 'Tuttle' like an A-Lister, if they thought he was speaking at all these conferences like an A-Lister? ;) Besides, wouldn't this 'experiment' be a lot funnier than some Smurfette she-male crap?


Anonymous said...

Very funny idea, and of course, illustrative of a current weaknesses we're dealing with in the blogosphere, namely the tendency by a few to follow perceived status over other equally legitimate qualifications (which, as a member plug, the International Association of Nobodies is trying to change). So, will we be seeing a new Tuttle blog soon?

Mack Collier said...

lol No I don't have the time for a Tuttle blog, but I bet it would work. I thought of this yesterday when I saw one A-Lister just falling all over themselves to gush about a post that another A-Lister had just made.....and I made the same point 3 months ago and no one cared lol

I haven't really kept up with the nobodies, what's the deal there?

Anonymous said...

Mack, very funny and perceptive, as usual.

You should definitely check out IA of nobodies. Go here: http://allanjenkins.typepad.com/nobody/

Mack Collier said...

See no offense, but I don't think the IAN thing will take off, simply because you guys are too well-known to be nobodies. Hells bells I looked at the list and I had heard of all of you.

You guys are more like the 'FALC'....Future A-Lister Club ;)

J.D. said...

I think you should just get a myspace page and pretend to be Scoble there.

Mack Collier said...

Links don't mean much in MySpace so if I posed as Scoble, everyone would just think I was a big dork. Hell I can get that naturally.