Monday, January 21, 2008

The 'spark' is spreading...

Love this comment that Tim Jackson left to my recent DF post about an industry conference that he attended recently :
I can't even remember the total number of blogging related conversations I had, but it was several each day of the conference. At one point, I was "holding court" with a small group, ranting (as I always do) about blogging. Instead of the curiously annoyed or disinterested looks of years past, many people were listening and even taking notes. My point is that the "tipping point" is coming- if it hasn't already arrived. My industry is very, very slow to embrace changes like this, but it is doing it. It's a very exciting time for me.

This is what excites me, and is why the 'blogging is dying' nonsense is just that. Companies and managers like the ones that Tim talks to are just now catching the spark and realizing that there's actually something to the ideas that they were quick to dismiss as 'just a fad' in years past.

But here's my question: Let's say that five years from now, most managers are using social media as effectively as Tim is now. What will marketing look like then?


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1 comment:

Tim Jackson said...

It was almost surreal, in many ways. It'll be three years in March since I launched the blog. I was an oddity and curiosity for almost that entire time. I'm much less of an oddity now, but I'm still a curiosity- because now they ask questions rather than walk away when the word "blog" comes up.

In five more years, many people will refrain from even using email to contact people- we'll all be using blogs a lot more for that kind of thing. Websites without blogs will be seen as obsolete. The conversations will be a little harder to navigate because there will be so many voices, but things will be greatly enriched.

It's gonna get better before it gets worse. Blogging is many things, but dead is not one of them.