Sunday, January 27, 2008

And I would be completely remiss...

....if I didn't mention that the dynamic Ann Handley, chief content officer for Marketing Profs, and mastermind behind Daily Fix, finally has her own blog. It is appropriately titled A n n a r c h y (best blog name since Get Shouty). And you have to love that header. That classic Mustang has been completely upstaged!

Here's her first post, already up to 30 comments (feel free to leave yours!).
A n n a r c h y will give us the personal (read: non-marketing) side that we've been hoping to see from Ann for a while now. Congrats sis!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the show of support, Mack. Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thing to say! Thanks Mack.