The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs - Week 38

Here's the standings for Week 38:

1 - Seth's Blog - 5,027 (+30)(LW - 1)
2 - Creating Passionate Users - 14,250 (+1,013)(LW - 2)
3 - Duct Tape Marketing - 16,446 (+61)(LW - 3)
4 - Gaping Void - 16,881 (+184)(LW - 4)
5 - Marketing Shift - 32,607 (+301)(LW - 5)
6 - Daily Fix - 42,788 (-50)(LW - 6)
7 - Coolzor - 60,327 (-175)(LW - 7)
8 - Converstations - 64,202 (+3,339)(LW - 8)
9 - The Viral Garden - 67,467 (+1,514)(LW - 9)
10 - New School of Network Marketing - 71,569 (+720)(LW - 10)
11 - Logic + Emotion - 89,485 (+142)(LW - 12)
12 - What's Next - 108,040 (+9,004)(LW - 13)
13 - Jaffe Juice - 113,283 (+4,427)(LW - 14)
14 - Brand Autopsy - 123,618 (-802)(LW - 15)
15 - Drew's Marketing Minute - 142,983 (+39,916)(LW - 23)
16 - Church of the Customer - 146,813 (+47,890)(LW - 25)
17 - Diva Marketing - 160,658 (+3,406)(LW - 17)
18 - Marketing Nirvana - 162,276 (+18,273)(LW - 19)
19 - Emergence Marketing - 170,290 (-15,596)(LW - 16)
20 - Pro Hip-Hip - Hip-Hop Marketing - 171,782 (+3,141)(LW- 18)
21 - Marketing Headhunter - 175,986 (+5,960)(LW - 20)
22 - Experience Curve - 180,931 (+1,175)(LW - 21)
23 - Make Marketing History - 182,295 (-74)(LW - 22)
24 - Beyond Madison Avenue - 187,342 (+62)(LW - 24)
25 - Spare Change - 211,116 (LW - UR)

Another strong week as the Top 5 are all up, and Creating Passionate Users dips their Alexa ranking under 15K for the first time. Also, Converstations shows no signs of slowing down, and could make a run at joining the Top 5 at this rate in a few more weeks.

Past the Top 10, 2 giant leaps by Drew's Marketing Minute, and Church of the Customer. Drew's was organic, but with CoC, I didn't realized that Ben and Jackie had changed URLs, and their links here from now on will reflect that. Marketing Nirvana seems to be in the middle of a comeback, and has a very nice move up.

Spare Change is the lone new entry, re-entering the countdown at #25.

Next update is next Wednesday.

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At 11:13 PM, Blogger Nedra Weinreich said...

Woohoo! I'm back! It was lonely out there for a few weeks, but hopefully I'll stick around for a while more. :-)

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Chris Kieff said...


First I'd like to congratulate you on an amazing tour de force in the concept of the Z List. I'm sure you didn't think it could mushroom into something as large as it has. Unconventional Thinking has risen from 398,000 on 12/1/06 to 23,570 today, due primarily to the Z List, and you, (but a bit of that is my SEO efforts, too.)

I've read your blog for some time now and I think it's an excellent body of work. I think your recent blog about Kohl's is similar to many of the things that our CEO, Mark Stevens writes about in Unconventional Thinking.

Regarding the Top 25 List, having read the criteria for inclusion on the list I believe that the Unconventional Thinking blog meets the requirements. The Alexa ranking for the Unconventional Thinking is 112,310 (the 1 week average, and 117,791 3-month average). This should be sufficient to put Unconventional Thinking in the middle of the list. While the blog covers many subjects, the main theme is marketing. Mark, the author of the blog and the best selling book Your Marketing Sucks (among many other titles). The company MSCO, is a marketing and management consulting company with dozens of high profile marketing clients. And Mark is often consulted and interviewed as a Marketing expert, for print, radio and television, most recently on

I'd like to request that you consider our blog for inclusion on the list. Please let me know if you need any other information, or if you would like to speak with Mark directly on this subject.

Chris Kieff
Director of Internet Marketing

At 6:02 AM, Anonymous David Polinchock said...

What about blogs like adrant, Adjab, Adpulp and the Adweek blog? They all seem to have fairly high Alexa rankings too. It's my goal to make the top 25 list this year!

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous David Armano said...


Please tell MaRk that I thought his Podcast was great. PS, when is Mack coming back?

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Mack Collier said...

David I consider those advertising blogs. At one time, I also did a Top 25 Advertising Blogs list for BMA each week, but I didn't have enough time to keep up with both. I believe Danny is looking into starting it back up at BMA.

David, Mark has been fairly dormant lately, but he's apparently been replaced by 'Matt' in my emails and comments. Very odd.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Mack Collier said...

Oh and Chris, Unconventional Thinking is one of the many marketing blogs I've been exposed to via the 'Z-List'. I'm trying to catch up on checking them all to see if I want to add them. Thanks for reminding me.

At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Mario Sundar said...

Hey Mack,

Feels pretty good to be back in the running -- after a while.

Now the pressure's back on :)


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