Monday, August 10, 2009

#Blogchat 8-09 Recap; How to Maximize Your Blog's SEO Efforts With @LeeOdden

Lee Odden joined #blogchat last night to tackle a topic that many of you have been asking about; How do I improve the SEO of my blog? Lee had a ton of great advice for us all, but I saw these as the Top Ten takeaways:

1 - Optimize for people first, then search engines. Remember what people are looking for, and give it to them.

2 - Research keywords but don't forget to check out tags and social media keywords.

3 - Keywords in your post title are more important than in the post. But work keywords in so that they make sense, don't add just to be adding.

4 - All in One SEO is a great SEO plugin for Wordpress users.

5 - Having your own domain name is better for SEO purposes ( vs

6 - Focus on the people that are reading and linking to your content. Worth their weight in SEO gold!

7 - Research keywords and make a glossary.

8 - Create content worth sharing and linking to.

9 - Don't go overboard in trying to 'improve' your SEO efforts. Too many keywords can be a problem.

10 - Content that's valuable and sharable is great for SEO.

If you missed #blogchat last night (or want to take notes!), here's the transcript. Thanks again to Lee for joining us, and if you aren't already, please follow Lee on Twitter. What were YOUR key takeaways from last night's #blogchat?


Jamie Favreau said...

Great takeaways. He is one smart guy I interviewed him for the PRSA Technology section newsletter.

I am liking your guests you bring into #blogchat. I wish I had gotten there sooner.

Stuart Foster said...

Love Lee...probably should have stuck my head into #blogchat last night.

Matt Gorden said...

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