Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are we meeting at SXSW?

Guys I want to apologize for the lack of content here the last few days. Unfortunately, this will continue for the next few days as I gear up for SXSW.

But the good news is, that while in Austin I will hopefully get to meet many of you! I'm arriving on Sat evening, and will be there through Monday before leaving early on Tues. There are a LOT of you that I want to make sure I meet, and probably our best chance to do that would be on Sunday.

First, I'll be at All Hat...No Cattle on Sunday, starting at noon. If you are coming to SXSW to meet people, and can only make one event, this is THE event to make. Everyone will be there (no seriously, check the link). Later that night, there will be a tweetup that looks to be pretty packed as well.

On Monday I will be around the conference center most of the day, and have a few client meetings scheduled. So I have tried to set aside Sat and Sunday for meeting everyone I can, and the business portion of this trip will mostly be on Monday. But if we don't connect on Sat or Sun, absolutely look for me in the conference center on Monday, and I will also be there a bit on Sunday afternoon.

So let's connect if you are in town! And I want to apologize in advance, because I know this will happen. Someone will introduce themselves as 'Hey I am Mark D, I'm following you on Twitter!'. And I will look at Mark D's badge, not see his Twitter avatar, and have no idea who he is. Because I recognize people from Twitter by their avatar, not their names. So if you have the same Twitter avatar on your badge as your pic, I should recognize you immediately. Otherwise, I will be lost. This happened often last year at SXSW as most people did NOT use their Twitter avatar as their badge pic! So if I do this to you, I apologize, but I can keep up with pics easier than I can names.

BTW make sure that you are following me on Twitter if you aren't already, as I'll be constantly updating on where I am at during SXSW, and where I am headed.

So who is going to SXSW? And more importantly, where will you be while you are there? I definitely need to know where to go on Sat and Mon nights. See you there!


Anonymous said...

Mack- Looking forward to meeting up at SXSW! There will be a crew of Dell folks on the ground for all the festivities. Check out the post from Lionel for all we're doing:


Anonymous said...

if you haven't yet --- my.sxsw

Anonymous said...

I'm there, Mack!


Can't wait!

Mack Collier said...

Kara looking forward to meeting you, hope to meet Amie as well!

Got yer # marked in my new Bold, Paul ;)

Anonymous said...

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See you around.