Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tim 'MasiGuy' Jackson injured in bike accident

Bad news guys, our friend Tim Jackson was in a bad bike accident. He suffered some pretty nasty injuries (including a cracked skull), but is recovering rapidly and according to his friend Blue Squirrel, he may be released from the hospital tomorrow. Jim (Blue Squirrel) thinks that Tim should be fine, but will definitely have some recovery time.

To help with Tim's hospital expenses, Jim has set up a Tim 'Masiguy' Jackson Get Well' fund. You can donate at his blog via Paypal, or if you want, you can contact Jim about sending Tim gift cards. Please make sure that you help out Tim if you can, as he's one of the true stars in our community. Also feel free to leave Tim get-well wishes in the comments of Blue Squirrel's post!


Hire Mack!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mack: Thank you for letting us know. I just hopped over to Masiguy's blog & wrote him a get well soon wish. He's going to be OK, and that's great news.

Tim Jackson said...

You would use the picture of me with my tongue sticking out... jeesh...

Thank you my friend- sincerely.

I'm going to be back and better than ever- thanks to the help and support of so many wonderful friends (like you).