Saturday, May 03, 2008

What's on page 123?

Director Tom recently tagged me in an interesting meme where you share what you're reading now and what you'll be reading next. Also, you share the 6th through 8th sentences on page 123.

So here's the passage of Groundswell, the book I am currently reading:

"It's always cheaper to sponsor such a site than to try to build your own, although you give up control. The key is, P&G defined a community around an issue that attracts girls' attention - the problem of growing up. Another generic girl community would have ended up competing with - and losing to - Piczo, Barbie Girls, or other popular sites for young girls."

I'll review Groundswell here soon. After that, I am going to finish up Duct Tape Marketing, and then read Personality Not Included. I'll be reviewing each here.

To further the meme, I'll pass it along to Mario, Jaynie, Cece, Lewis and Maura.


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