Sunday, January 07, 2007

The 'Z-List' continues to spread

It's now reached cyclists, India, and even Wiffiti.

Reshma has started a list focusing solely on Indian blogs.

Tammy has started the 'W-List' just for women bloggers.

Tim has created the 'B-List' just for cyclists!

And finally, the lovely Jaynie has set up a Wiffiti for the 'Z-List'(which wasn't working when I just tried it). Here's the details at BMA.

I wasn't thrilled with the Squidoo thingie, but I like all of the above because they expand on the original idea of the 'Z-List', which was serving the community. The above lists break it down even further into smaller communities, and exposes the members of those communities to each other's blogs.

Good job guys! Any other variations of the 'Z-List' that I need to add?

UPDATE: Mindblob also blogs about the variations of the 'Z-List', and has added the D-List, just for dog lovers!

UPDATE 2: Now we have the 'M-List', for military blogs!

Also, thanks to Joanna for linking here!

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Luc Debaisieux said...

Hi Mack,

Thank you for pointing my post out. : )

I also tracked a Z-List of the "Drawing and illustration on the web". This one is initiated by Armando Alves on his blog "A source of inspiration". But so far, this list didn't seem to take off (yet).

Drawing and illustration Z-List

Stephen Denny said...

Mack: glad that the original intent is alive, well and flourishing.

Shamelle said...

Hi Mack,
I wasn't too thrilled about the Squidoo list either. There seems to be some "gaming" happining over there, however I like promoting the z-list through blogs.

Thank you for introducing to us to the other lists as well.
Enhance Life

jayniek said...

hey guys,

we're running some updates on the IE 6 version and Firefox 1.5. We'll get that back up ASAP, and i'll letcha know. Thanks for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

The W List is moving, slowly, but moving. I think the Z list took off so fast (1) because it was an amazing idea (thanks again Mack), and (2) because it was working with blogs used the concept of "getting out there" who immediately saw what a great idea it is. The rest of us (and I STILL don't know who to thank for putting me on the Z List) don't really think in terms of links - o rmaybe I should just speak for myself. I sure didn't think in terms of links before now. but it has been great fun following and sure makes me think a lot of serendipity and synchronicity because I've found some wonderful blogs as a result, including sham, who comments above here (and of course, you, Mack).

Tim Jackson said...


You created a beautiful monster. The intent was pure and simple. I grabbed that and ran with it because you are a great teacher and I saw what happened with the original list. I doubt my list could get hijacked like yours did because I am playing on a much smaller playground.

Again, Mack, your list is awesome and the power of it will stick around long after the Squidoo debacle fades.

Reshma Bachwani said...

i echo tammy's thought. That was one of the reasons to start with the indi-list to check how quickly / slowly the idea spreads and how it changes / evolves as it goes along. Though its still early days, the movement is slow - possibly a factor of how much the target audience is acquainted with and values a 'viral concept'. Great learnings nevertheless. Thanks for the mention.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up with the Z-list, Mack!

I was on vacation when the Squidoo thing hit, so I didn't get a chance to look until now. Unfortunately, my blog was deleted from the list as, at the time I guess, it had negative points? When I looked today, so did several other worthy blogs!

This was definitely disappointing to see, as I think it is up to each of us to view blogs and decide for ourselves whether we feel they are worthy of our time. The Z-list concept you started was a great way to introduce seldom-seen blogs to each other, and I have started to develop some great friendships in this new community! Thanks again! :)