Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SnoCap speaks out on MyStore, viral component

This is one of the many reasons why blogging is such an exciting platform.

David Rowley, who works for SnoCap, saw my post yesterday about SnoCap's partnership with Merlin and MySpace, and specifically Jordan's comments, and posted a further explanation of just what MyStore can do on his blog:
Sure, it's very cool that artists can sell tracks directly to their fans from their MySpace page. But the real potential is that fans can grab the store and put it on their own pages. Fans are incredible, and when artists reach out to them directly, they will do anything to promote them and get some attention.

I couldn't agree more David. Music fans are simply evangelists waiting to be empowered to become marketing partners for their favorite artists. I told several labels this almost verbatim when explaining why '100 CDs For 100 Bloggers' would be a huge hit. Very exciting to hear about this viral component of MyStore, makes a great idea even better. Hopefully David will stop by and leave a comment telling us more about how MyStore will work.

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David Rowley said...

MyStore was designed first and foremost to be an artists store, so it was important that the SNOCAP brand or the partner (e.g. MySpace) brand was subordinate to the artist's brand. Second, to appeal to hosting websites, we had to make sure all consumer interaction required to preview, purchase and download tracks could be conducted within the storefront—we could not redirect consumers off the hosting site to get what they want. Third, for consumers, we needed to make MyStore easy to copy, easy to share, and easy to monitor. So we built in the "share this store" functionality along with the RSS feed, so fans can monitor when their favorite bands add new songs(like the live tracks recoded at last night's gig).

For more technical info on how MyStore and the supporting technology infrastructure work, check out our tech blog, SNOCAP Labs.

Anonymous said...

It is a very cool idea, and one that is sure to spread "virally" through the various "social media."

Don't you just love buzzwords? Long may they reign!

Mack Collier said...

David this is great stuff, I especially like the idea to conduct the transaction without leaving the page, and the RSS feed functionality. Very interesting, I have a feeling this is the type of idea that will attract other labels and artists simply because it makes so much sense.

Can't you just smell a Nettwerk/SnoCap partnership coming soon? ;)

darmik said...

Please stop the hype of snocap and myspace.

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Mack Collier said...

Darmik I have a couple of questions:

1 - Are you offering artists/members 90% of their music sold because you are such good people, or because you know it's the only way you can attract business away from competitors like MySpace and Snocap?

2 - If your service ever gets to the point where it has 150 million members like MySpace has, will you still offer 90% of the revenue to artists, or will that level fall down to something comparable to what MySpace offers?