Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh Citizen Marketers, Where Art Thou?

Ah that marketing dynamo CK. As expected, her Book Club at Marketing Profs. is off to an absolutely smashing start! CK's Book Club launched today at Marketing Profs, and the book everyone is chatting up a storm about is Citizen Marketers, by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell of Church of the Customer fame.

There are already numerous threads, all reviewing the book, and discussing the concepts that Ben and Jackie review in Citizen Marketers. Some of my favorite threads are reviewing the book, the importance of companies monitoring the blogosphere, and the value that citizen marketing gives the community.

So step over to the Book Club and give us your 2 cents. I've already seen a ton of my favorite marketing and business bloggers joining the party, but it's still early and there's plenty of marketing gurus that haven't stopped by yet. So here's my invitation to David Armano, Roger von Oech, Mike Wagner, Joseph Jaffe, Jordan Behan, Chris Thilk and everyone else to come join the fun!

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Anonymous said...

Is that my book in the picture? :)

How can I resist???

Anonymous said...

To quote Shrek himself, "IT'S ON MY TO DO LIST!!!"

Anonymous said...

I try to never turn down a good invitation, and I do like a good read...I'll see you there!

Anonymous said...

Mack: Thank you so much for all your support on community-building programs like these. You have been mighty popular over "there" in Book Club (just like over here).

Appreciate your good acts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack, most of what I understand about community building has been informed by you, so I'll waste no time in getting over there.

Mack Collier said...

Thanks guys, the BC has been a smashing success IMO, can't wait for the next installment!

And Doug you're too kind, the check's in the mail!