Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Viral Community News

The 'Night of the Living Comments' edition.

Here's the great blogs and posts I found when I went on my commenting spree(NOW you see why I did it ;)

Quite possibly the most awesomely prefect blog name: Get Shouty. Close second is Conformists Unite.

Gavin has started KarmaCredits.org, which he explains is:
We are drawing a line in the sand. We are daring you to join us, to raise your voice in chorus. But it is oh so much more than talk.

If you have found us here, then you will have read this post at the Daily Fix – if not please do.

Karma Credits is a site for passionate marketers. It is a space for collaboration and ideation. We are about strategy and about doing.

Also, Gavin has a post about how blogs are the new online resume. One of the earlier posts I left here was on this very subject.

I first found out about this a few days ago on Marketing Nirvana, Google has now given us the ability to create a 'custom' search engine by only selecting certain sites to be included. Here is the engine that Mario created, with many members of the Viral Community. Also, Media Landscaping has created their version, which looks to have almost every member of the Top 25 Marketing and Advertising blogs, plus a ton of other great Ad and Marketing blogs.

Kate be her name, and this be her blog.

Roger von Oech has done a great job of creating his blogging community. Roger has personally reached out to many bloggers either through their blogs or via email to say howdy, pick their brains, and as a result his blog Creative Think is off to a flying start, and he's gotten everyone talking about his Ball of Whacks. Can't wait to get mine and start playing with it! Companies and bloggers alike that are looking for pointers on how to join the blogosphere the right way and to make an immediate impact, should ask Roger for advice.

I can't even remember how I found Pat's blog Sports Marketing 2.0, but I'm glad I did. Pat is the Director of Database Marketing & E Commerce for the Indianapolis Colts, and he discusses how the Colts as well as other teams are entering the social media realm. Good stuff because its coming from the 'other side of the fence'.

The "A-Ha!" blog. Lani emailed me a few months ago with an incredibly nice email about this article I wrote for Marketing Profs, and I found the email again by accident while searching my inbox, and I guess it was fate, because I never noticed that she included her and Alan's blog address! Thanks again!

So my commenting spree was a definite success, it generated some great discussion in the 'Comments' post, and I found several great new blogs.

PS: When is YOUR commenting spree starting?


Anonymous said...

Will you PLEASE stop linking to new and interesting blog that I must then subscribe to because I can't know they're out there and not read them. Jeez, already.

As far as commenting, I try my best to build it into my day. Sometimes I'll save things that I think I want to blog about but then find the best thing I can do is leave a comment. I actually find it more rewarding often to comment than to link to in a post of my own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack,

Thanks for the kind words. Very much appreciated!

For all of you reading this: Mack was very generous with his time with me this past weekend. We exchanged 6 emails on the subject of:

"What are the protocols of linking other blogs?" (I felt like a teenage girl asking her mother how far to go on the second date.)

Mack gave me good advice on such topics as:

-- If someone links you, are you obligated to link them in return?
-- Does having a blogroll with 100 links cheapen it (compared to one with 10 or so)?
-- Is it "cool" or "cultish" to not link anyone?
-- At what point should you delete a link?

Thanks. -- Roger von Oech

Anonymous said...

It's not a comments "spree" that I've been up to, per se...but inspiring comment stuff nonetheless. Stay tuned.

Great job Mack, it is about the community (making it bigger, stronger and better).

Mack Collier said...

Chris I'm just lookin' out for you. Since you post on 20 different blogs, a few more good blogs means more material for posts!

Roger I think you should repost that question on your own blog, you'll get some interesting responses I'm sure.

IMO it's better to err on the side of link too much, rather than too little.

BTW we were talking about Seth, Seth can afford not to have a blogroll and not to allow comments, because he was known as a marketer and author before he started blogging, and because he's had his blog for 4 years.

For a new blogger trying to build their blogging brand, not linking to anyone is tantamount to blogging suicide. And besides, linking is a great way to build community and to bring other great bloggers to the attention of your readers.

Anonymous said...

Roger is a community building demon! His energies and efforts are outstanding.

All in all, a concerted effort like this can be lots of fun as well as inspirational. There are lots of great people out there doing their own thing ... sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mack,

As usual, your blog is food for the soul!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack
Thanks for the thumbs up. I was tickled to be part of your comment posting spree.
To top it off I don't think that anyone, ever, has said that anything I've ever done was 'awesomely perfect'.
I'll see if the content and the commitment of "Get Shouty" can keep up with your kudos. Cheers.

Mack Collier said...

Anonymous: You are the MAN! Unless you're really a woman, of course.

Katie: Glad to dub you with the awesomely unique descriptor ;)

Mack Collier said...

Kate I am freakin' addicted to the Ball of Whacks! I'll be blogging about it soon.

Kate the editorial analogy is close to my way of thinking.

As for the cross-linking, I try to link back to everyone that links to me, but since good ole Blogger doesn't allow trackbacks, it's hard to catch all of them. And likewise, not everyone I link to can or even wants to link back.

Guess it's all in your personal preference as to how much importance you place on giving and receiving links.