Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Congrats to DA

David Armano's "Blog's Eye View" series of presentations are over in NYC, and it looks like they were the smashing success we knew they'd be. Here's his recap of Day One, and here's Day Two.

It's been really great to see L+E take off. It was completely organic. He's shared his knowledge with his readers, and has actively become a participant in their communities. His smartitude and his willingness to reach out to other bloggers in turn drew us into L+E. DA creates some amazing visuals as we all know, but his humbleness and love of being part of the blogging community has been just as instrumental in his quick rise to blogging fame.

David is the perfect case study of how if you have passion for your work, and your community, that your blog can take off like a rocket. Technorati puts L+E at around the 6,500th most popular blog on the internet. That's after EIGHT months people.

Congrats David, and I mean this as a compliment, but you are truly an A-Lister!

PS I stole his pics from the presentations, the top one is Max Kalehoff, CK, Jaffe, DA, and Greg Verdino. The second one is Ann 'sis' Handley, DA, and Maura Welch from The Boston Globe's blog Business Filter.

Additionally, here's David's presentation.

Double PS: Thanks to C(space)K for telling me I had bungled the spelling of Max's name. Sorry,


Tim Jackson said...

David really is an inspirational example. How many of us wouldn't want to be like him right about now? Jeesh.

Congrats David- it's all well-deserved recognition.

Tim Jackson said...

David- I'm the one who's flattered to be on the same contributor list as folks like you and Mack.

Yes, I might win bike race, but then again, I'd better. I mean... it's all I've been doing for the past 25 years!

You're still "the man" when it comes to blogging.

And Mack is pretty darned cool too... you're right.

Anonymous said...

Mack: You were missed at the presentation. I'm sure your ears were ringing as we were all talking about you and all the other great marketing bloggers we call colleagues and friends.

Lucky for me, I get to meet up with you later in the year (and I still think you should come to NYC for the College Music Journal tradeshow at the end of the month!).

Tim: David and everyone really are an inspiration.