Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why aren't you blogging?

My newest best friend online is Flori. Flori contacted me on MySpace after finding Tim's post on DF via a Google search, and reading the comment I left there. That comment led her to follow the link here, where she saw the link to my MySpace page, and contacted me there.

Great example of how connected the online world has become, but I digress...

When we started messaging, of course one of the first questions I asked Flori was if she blogged. She said she didn't, and I was struck by the reasons she gave for not blogging.

She didn't know what to write about, she didn't think she could write well enough, she didn't think she would be witty enough.

And above all else, she didn't think she would have anything interesting to say.

How many of us can say that we didn't have these same concerns before we started blogging? I can't, because I had these EXACT same thoughts about this time last year before I joined BMA. Many bloggers I've talked to can relate similar stories.

But in the end, my only regret about blogging is that I waited so long to get started. I've heard this from many other bloggers as well.

So as I told my new friend Flori, if you aren't blogging, then start right now. It will make you a better writer, it will make you better informed, it will make you a better marketer, and you'll love it. From a purely professional standpoint, blogging literally gives you hand-on experience with viral marketing and social media, two of the hottest areas of marketing right now. There's really no downside to blogging, besides the addiction, of course ;)

I asked Flori if it was ok to relate this story, because I wanted her to hear from the Viral Community and have everyone tell her their experiences with blogging. To Flori and every other visitor that's wondering if they should blog, what do you guys have to say? What advice can you give anyone that's not blogging yet?


Anonymous said...

You pretty much summed it up. I had reservations prior to blogging. But I just decided to do it. I have two blogs and really don't know who or how many read either. At this point, that's not the point. I'm getting some experience, learning about my writing styles, and having some fun. Tell Flori to just do it.

MineThatData said...


I would say that if you can write a coherent email, you have the potential to have a flourising blog.

My blog is about six months old. I started it because I needed a way to share the topics outlined in a book I just finished writing.

Of course, the blog frequently takes me in directions that I never expected to go. I write about things that just pop into my head. I write about things friends suggest I should write about. I write about things that I believe my audience will like.

And in the course of just 180 days, an audience developed. Two people a day became four, then eight, then fifteen, then thirty, then forty-five. This week, an average of 57 people actually visit the site each day, not counting RSS feeds or Feedblitz subscribers.

To some, that may not sound like much. But imagine walking into a conference room, where 57 people eagerly anticipate your commentary ... every day.

The best part of writing are the connections I make, or re-establish. Today, I got an email from a person I car-pooled with fifteen years ago. She ran across my blog from a mutual friend who wrote a guest column on my blog. This kind of thing happens on a frequent basis, and to me, represents the best part of writing the blog.

Give blogging a try --- there are free tools available that make blogging as easy as writing an email!

Anonymous said...

I would say to her, don't try to be anything. Just be yourself.

Too many people think they need to get all bloggery to be a blogger, and really the only rule you must follow is to be authentic.

Tim Jackson said...

Paul is right Flori; just be you. That's number one to me. Blogging is something that becomes easier as well, I've found. If you have nothing to say- then don't say anything. It is ok to let it sit still as you recharge your brain and come up with content. I am always surprised by how my traffic numbers stay pretty even, regardless of my posting frequency (between 300-400 a day).

Flori, you'll be fine. You'll meet a wonderfully dynamic group of people who will become your new family in no time... trust me on this one.

Mack is an excellent blogging salesperson, so I'm sure he'll convince you to blog... so welcome to the blogosphere!

Shamelle said...

Yap I totally agree.
Recently I too posted on this subject. check it out.

Anonymous said...

I guess I will sound antagonistic, but I do understand Flori (I'm in the same situation as she is), and none of what has been said will get me blogging ..

Now, don't take me wrong, I love blogs (I read a bunch of them every day), but I'm not extrovert enough to start writing in a public space, and I have never liked writing anyway ...

And first of all, I wouldn't know what I could blog about in the first place ...

Anonymous said...

I've started several blogs and they've all fallen silent. Part of the problem is coming up with something to write about on a regular basis.

And then there's this privcy thing. E-mails I've written would probably make for some great blogging, but they're intended for a select few, not the entire blogiverse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mack,

Sorry foradvertising myself on your blog, but it's all about advertising, right? ;)

Fellow bloggers, do not miss this out on 10/17/06 - Bloggers' chance to make history

Chris Brown said...

I really enjoy blogging too and must agree with the majority of your post. But after the Walmart and Edelman "Flogging" (fake blogging) I'm not sure your statement "There's really no downside to blogging" is completely accurate. I imagine Richard Edelman and Steve Rubel are feeling a little gun shy today. Lessons learned: Full disclosure!!

Anonymous said...


I am a blogging newborn (1 week old), and so far I am really enjoying it.

Blogging can open a lot of doors and like anything else, if you don't do it now, in a couple years, you are going to wish you had.

If i didn't start a blog I would be limiting my future and my potential.

Besides, You'll become like a superhero!

Mack Collier said...

"I'm not sure your statement "There's really no downside to blogging" is completely accurate."

Actually Chris I wasn't completely clear, but I was talking more from the point-of-view of an individual. But even then if they are jerks to commenters and such, they can do more harm than good.

But for most, blogging is an excellent way to make new friends, get up to speed on your industry, and set yourself apart from other candidates for jobs you're looking at. The benefits are both personal and professional.

At least in my experiences. I have yet to meet the first person that's said that they regretted that they ever started blogging.

Vando said...

Don't do it. It's too addictive.
It's like Pringles. Once you pop, you can't stop!

Hey, discovered this blog today, think it will be a regular haunt.