Sunday, October 08, 2006

Viral Community News

The 'pat ourselves on the back' edition.

Congratulations for several members of the VC:

Paul McEnany of Hee-Haw Marketing has joined the ranks at BMA. Win/win for everyone, BMA gets a solid writer/blogger, Paul and HHM get more exposure. Congrats Paul!

Speaking of new gigs, Ann has added both CK and Tim 'MasiGuy' Jackson to writers list at Daily Fix! Congrats to both of you, and an additional congrats to Tim for being featured in the New York Times(reg required)!

And the beat goes on, as Karl Long at Experience Curve has accepted a job with Nokia. Congrats to Karl, who is currently in the middle of a cross-country trip that started out in Florida, and he should be somewhere in the Southwest right now celebrating his birthday, so a double congrats to Mr. Long!

All of the above examples point out what a wonderful communication tool blogs are. Successful bloggers draw more and more attention to themselves, and in doing so, expand the reach of their writings.

UPDATE: As I was writing this, I thought I'd better check my Bloglines(Which I've neglected since Thurs) to see if I am missing anyone. Sure enough, I didn't realize that "David" has been promoted to VP at Digitas, and that Chris has been quoted in the UK, Australia, and was interviewed by OMMA magazine! Congrats guys!

It's funny because when I started blogging in earnest about this time last year, when I would tell people that I was blogging to get a job, it was with a TON of blind faith. Because there really wasn't a lot of precendent for bloggers (other than the few isolated cases at the time) making a name for themselves, or even getting work from their blogging. But I had a feeling that if you were smart and a good writer, that a tool such as a blog simply helped you put your expertise out there and get noticed. Turns out, I was right, as the above list, as well as my own personal experiences, now proves.

I couldn't be prouder of how our group has grown and prospered in the past few months, and I think it's only the start.

Let the good times roll ;)


Tim Jackson said...

Thanks Mack. I am honored, no foolin', to be in a list that contains you and all the others. I read that list about a dozen times over the weekend and was super intimidated. I mean, crap, it's the A-list of Marketing bloggers... and then me! Oh man am I in over my head!

You are 100% correct though that the community of bloggers is getting bigger and stronger and our voices are getting louder (in a good way). I am always amazed by the comments I get from people now that I've been doing this for a year and a half. At first I got a lot of sideways glances when I mentioned blogging, now people are asking me for advice and following my "work" to see how things are evolving. It's pretty amazing.

You, Paul, CK, and Karl are all great examples of bloggers who have great voices that are getting recognized in part due to the strength of their blogs. I really do love this stuff!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the congrats. I owe you big time! I'm just happy that I get to be a part of such a nice little niche in the blogosphere, full of such great people.

And congrats again to CK and Tim for joining the fix!