Monday, October 02, 2006

Apologies for the light blogging

Hopefully you've noticed, but I didn't post much the last week or so. I promise to do better this week, but here's some of the things that were keeping me busy:

1 - An interview with a label exec in New York for The Viral Garden

2 - Helping a marketing consultant in New York with work for clients on the West Coast.

3 - Talking with a Chief Content Officer in Massachusetts about an article for a marketing website based on the West Coast.

4 - Writing for MarketingVox.

5 - Interviewing a CEO in another country(more later...)

And additionally, last week my blog went to where I have never been, USC's Marshall School of Business. A few nights ago, Ann Handley spoke to one of the school's graduate classes, and included The Viral Garden in her presentation. Oh, and I also had my first speaking invitation.

So more blogging from now on, I promise.

BTW while I am thinking about it, a big congrats to Karl at Experience Curve for getting a job with Nokia! Which apparently will let him play with phones, the internet, and video games (yes I'm jealous!). Very cool and exciting to see big companies starting to cherry-pick the best bloggers!

Additionally, thanks to Martin, Rhonda, and Stephen for adding me to their Technorati Favorites!


anne simons said...

Those are good problems to have! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

That's right, blame it on us sending you work for not blogging. Hmmm...somehow I manage to blog amid a full schedule.

Just kidding. But we did miss ya. I'm so pleased that blogging is making you money. I told you it would.

Can I do my "told you so" dance now? Btw, I'm elated about Karl's new job.

Anonymous said...

Momentum is gathering for you, Mack...congrats!

Bob G said...

Judging from your schedule, you don't do anything light, Mack :) - no me?!? no posts for a month...promise to "self" - get back to it!

Congrats on success!

jayniek said...

wow, mack! you're really picking up speed. fast.

yea. because speed is fast.

anyway... congrats!

Mack Collier said...

CK I think we both can do the 'I told you so' dance now ;)

Thanks guys, and Bob here you go with One Reader...taking off, then you pull the rug out from under us ;)

Jaynie you're so smart. And intelligent. And BTW, I want more YouTube videos.

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff! You had all this good stuff coming to you -- congratulations.