Friday, July 31, 2009

Digital housekeeping

I've made a few changes and have a few items I wanted to make sure everyone has seen. First, please check out my new site if you haven't already. That will be my 'business' site moving forward, and where I will house all the information about my consulting services. I will occasionally publish new posts there, about 2-4 a month. I've removed all of my information about my consulting from this site, so I'll occasionally remind everyone here what I offer. Sound good? You can check out my Social Media Consulting services here, and my Blog Consulting services here. Feel free to email me if you'd like to talk more about how we could work together.

On you can also get information on my Speaking and Training services. And speaking of speaking, I wanted to remind everyone that I will be presenting in Birmingham next month at Social South. Since we last talked here about Social South, they have added some big names to the speaking lineup, including two of my favorite people in the world, CK and Beth Harte! The early-bird rate of $149 for the 2-day event runs through Monday (Aug 3rd), so make sure you get in!

Also, a few weeks ago, I teamed up with Ann Handley to lead off the Inbound Marketing University with a session on How to Blog Effectively for Business. You can click here to watch the presentation, it's geared toward businesses that are wanting an overview of how a blog can help them!

I'm hoping to have a few other speaking announcements to make in the coming weeks.

And thanks to everyone for the kind words about my Social Media Mavens series. I've created a tab at the top of the blog for it, and you can catch up on all the entries so far in the series here. If you work for a corporation that's effectively using social media and would like to be interviewed for the Social Media Mavens series, please email me.

Finally, I'll be migrating The Viral Garden to Wordpress over the next few weeks, and when I do, the focus of this blog will be less about me, and more about you. I want to see this blog become closer to a community site, and this was a big reason why I wanted to launch, and move all the information about my consulting there, so the focus of The Viral Garden could change a bit. I've got some good ideas in mind (actually the Social Media Mavens series is one of those ideas), and I'll be implementing them after TVG moves to Wordpress. Hopefully, the move can be done without disrupting the blog, since The Viral Garden will be located at when the move is made. Right now that URL simply redirects here.

And BTW, thanks for reading, and have a great weekend ;)


DJ Waldow said...

Mack -

I love updates like this. Thanks for keeping your loyal readership informed. Pumped about where your blog is heading...all about people, right?

Carry on.

DJ Waldow
Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory

Mack Collier said...

Thanks DJ, every time I start to write a post like this, I hear this voice say 'You pompous jerk! No one gives a shit about this!' Thanks for the encouragement ;) You decide to dump that fantasy football crap and come to Birmingham for Social South?

DJ Waldow said...

Ha! Funny you mention FFL. I just sent a league note out. 3 weeks from Draft Day (in KC, MO) ... and 3 weeks from Social South - only 6 of the 12 have paid. Ahhhhhh. Believe me, I'd LOVE to join y'all at Social South. At least we'll both be drinking beer that weekend.

As far as "no one gives a shit" ... I mean, welcome to blogging, right? I'm 6-7 posts in on my new blog and I feel that way every single post!


Chris Brown said...

Wow. Good luck with the move. I'll be following you with all the changes.