Monday, July 13, 2009

My Social South session is set!

And the winnah is...What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media!

Yeah! Thanks to everyone that voted, as there was strong response for 3 of the 5 topics I selected, which is good. And actually, many of the points I would have raised in the 'How Social Media Can Transform Your Marketing and Your Business' session (which finished 2nd in voting), will also be covered in the Rockstar session.

So what WILL be covered?

  • How rockstars build community and embrace their fans, and how you can apply these same techniques to your social media and community-building efforts
  • How rockstars go beyond simply 'losing' control of their branding/content and actively seek out ways to transfer ownership to their fans
  • Why rockstars don't have 'customers', they have fans. Hint: They are fans themselves.

Of course this session will be heavy on case studies as always, and plenty of 'lessons learned', with examples of companies that are utilizing social media as a way to connect with their customers and even reach them as fans.

And if you haven't yet registered for Social South, you're in luck as the cost is a low $149 as the 'early bird' rate is in effect for the next couple of weeks! That's for a TWO day event and is an insanely low price, and you can see that some of the top social media minds in the South will be there. Hope to see you there, and BTW if you have any examples of rockstars that are successfully reaching their fans via smart marketing, or better via smart SOCIAL MEDIA marketing, add a comment here and I'll see if I can get your example added to my session!


Henriette Weber said...

Hi Mack - that session sounds great. I have lately been touring Europe with my talk on "rockbandism" at next09 latest and my ebook on "why every company should be a rockband"you can get it at if you want to check it out - and maybe have me inspiring you for your talk=)

lisa kribs said...

Collective soul Mack, collective soul!