Thursday, February 26, 2009

News, notes n quotes

Hey guys there's a few updates and items that I've been involved with recently that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention:

Recently I was interviewed by both Aaron Strout and Dan Schawbel. Both Dan and Aaron have a ton of great interviews on each of their blogs, so I'd recommend spending some time reading each site.

I was beyond floored to be asked by Sean Howard to contribute to a project he created, an ebook where several thought leaders (and me) get to give our thoughts on how we can create a passion economy. The authors include:Scott Suthren,Ellen Di Resta,Gavin Heaton,Charles Frith,Mike Wagner,Mack Collier,Mike Arauz,Katie Chatfield,Alan Wolk,Peter Flaschner,Matthew Milan

Sean explains his reason for this project here, and you can download the ebook directly here.

Finally, I have some updates to my speaking schedule. While I have written literally dozens of articles for Marketing Profs, I've never done a webinar for them. But that's going to change in a big way next month, as I'll be doing back-to-back blogging webinars on March 26th and 27th. The one on the 26th is entitled Blogging Fundamentals; What Marketers Need to Know. As the title indicates, this will be for marketers that need an introduction to blogging and what a blog is. Very Blogging 101. The one on the 27th is entitled From Blah to Blockbuster; How You Can Build a Blog that Excites Your Customers. This one is perfect for people that are familiar with blogging, but want to take their efforts to the next level, and create a blog that encourages interaction, and is actually exciting to your readers! I'm beyond thrilled to be doing both of these, and hope you'll attend one or both of them!

And finally, I'll be leading a social media workshop at a special day-long event that the Social Media Club of Birmingham will be holding on April 27th. I'll be joined by Ike Pigott, Scott Schablow, and Chris Heuer. I'll have more information on this event soon, so check my speaking page.

So for now, that's what's new with me. What about you?


Aaron_Strout said...

Thanks for the shout out - your interview was great! I need to go over and take a look at Dan's.

Aaron | @aaronstrout

Anonymous said...

Saw that you'll be in Austin for SXSW - hoping we can meet in person.

Mack Collier said...

Pete I'll be at the All Hat No Cattle meetup on Sunday the 15th that @RichardatDell and @armano are hosting. I think you're signed up for it, Aaron hope to see you and everyone else there too!