Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hey let's meet!

I've got a couple of events confirmed for March and April and I would LOVE to meet you if you'll be at either of them.

The first is of course, I will be at SXSW next month in Austin. SXSW is probably my favorite conference 'experience', and as you can see, I had an amazing time last year. I'll be arriving Sat afternoon, and leaving Tuesday morning. There's only a handful of panels/talks that are 'must see' for me, so most of the time during the day I will be out in the halls mingling with everyone, and doing the same at night at the 'parties'. If you are going to be there and ESPECIALLY if we have not met yet, let's make plans to at least shake hands in Austin, deal?

Now the other event that I'm excited to tell you about is my first confirmed event as a speaker for 2009. It's the Online Media Bootcamp in Philadelphia on April 9th. This isn't so much a conference as it is a one-day online media training session. My training session will be on how you can create connections and community via social media and social networking. Pretty cool, huh? I'm definitely looking forward to it, and I'll be joined by some pretty good A-List teachers including Valeria Maltoni, Shashi Bellamkonda, Li Evans and Beth Harte.

As I've blogged about before, I prefer to speak at events where there is a premium placed on teaching and learning. I don't want to stand behind a podium and no one wants to see me do that either. What the Online Media Bootcamp will be about is showing you how to use social media and networking tools to better connect with your customers. It's a learning and teaching event, we're going to send you home with a plan of action and a gameplan for getting started using social media to jumpstart your business. And when Li and Beth told me they wanted me to be involved, I couldn't accept fast enough. Registration is now open for OMBC, and the early rate of $349 will be good through February 20th. One big caveat; there's only 65 spots for this event (see we want a smaller event want to stress learning over pontificating), so make sure you get in ASAP.

Hope to see you at both events! I have a few other events I'll be speaking at and attending in the next few months which I'll be updating them here, and you can always check out my speaking page to see where I'll be next!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mack,

Looks like I'm just going to miss you in Philly (there for a conference the week earlier).

Looking forward to you coming over to North Carolina one of these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mack, thanks so much for posting about the Online Media Boot Camp, we are really looking forward to having you come up and visit us in Philly. And thanks for stressing the teaching/involvement aspect of the's really important that the attendees and speakers be totally engaged. No one wants to just be "talked to." What's the fun in that?! :)

Anonymous said...

See you in Austin.

Mack Collier said...

Bolaij I may be speaking in NC later in the year, will keep you updated.

Beth thank you SO much for inviting me to participate in the Online Media Bootcamp! It's going to be a blast and the attendees will learn so much!

Jim no idea how we missed each other last year. No wait, I think it was probably cause I didn't make it to the Blog Haus till Tuesday, and most everyone had left SXSW by then!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to SXSW this year - first time ever and can't wait. We'll definitely hang Mack, in fact I just emailed you with my first truly brilliant idea of 2009... ;)