Sunday, October 05, 2008

Three big marketing and social media events for October

There's a trio of kickass conferences/events coming up later this month. The first is Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 22nd and 23rd. At this one, I'll be conducting a special Blog Lab where I will critique the company blogs of three attendees. The idea is to cover what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong, and to use both as a teaching tool about how to create a successful company blog.

So if you are planning on attending the DMM, feel free to email Kathy at Marketing Profs and let her know that you want your company's blog to be considered for the Blog Lab. And please include your blog's URL. Three of the submissions will be selected, so get your blog on the list ASAP!

The second event is the Blog Well that Andy Sernovitz's Gas Pedal is conducting along with the Blog Council where several major companies will discuss their ongoing social media programs. The companies that will be presenting include representatives from Cisco Systems, Graco, The Home Depot, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, UPS, Walmart and Wells Fargo. Blog Well will happen on October 28th in San Jose, California. And now Gas Pedal has a few tickets for sale on eBay, with proceeds benefitting charity.

And finally, Ben and Jackie's SWOMFest will happen on October 30th, in Austin, Texas. Ben has a great post up that tells you why you should be attending the first SWOMFest, but the short version is that almost every major authority on WOM marketing in this country will be there. Period. Don't believe me? Here the list of the current attendees. And that's besides getting to learn WOM from the pair that literally invented the idea of 'customer evangelism', as well as other speakers. And of course they have events during the conference, including an 80s Halloween party, DJs, and free beer.

On top of ALL of this, if you are still looking for a to reason attend SWOMFest, Ben and Jackie will be giving 45-minute conference calls to the next 10 people (as of last Thurs) that register for SWOMFest. I talked to Jackie on Friday, and she said that there were still slots left as of that time, so you should definitely jump on this special offer ASAP. In fact I'm trying desperately to work it out so I can attend SWOMFest as well, so hopefully I'll see you there!

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