Monday, October 27, 2008

MPDM recap: Crushin' it in Scottsdale!

"The problem is, these companies don't want to work. I get it. I'm a consultant, I get it! You come in, you do this, you do that....they'd much rather give some agency $100,000 to run ads in the New York Post, commercials, pizza boxes, direct mail, and Stern radio ads, and they're done, right? They're clowns, don't feel bad for them. Let them die!

Don't spend time trying to convince people this is right, because let me help you...this is right! Go find the people that get that this is right, and crush it! Build your brand equity, and when the big companies come to you because you've been crushing it for so long, charge them a shitload!" - GaryVee during the MPDM keynote

I've blogged about this before, but I have three qualifications for events that I agree to speak at:

1 - I want the chance to teach others what I have learned about blogs and social media

2 - I want the chance to learn from others

3 - I want to be inspired

On these notes, my trip to Scottsdale last week for Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer was a home run. One minute I was talking to people that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with social media, the next I was lucky enough to talk to people about getting their social media efforts off the ground. Being inspired by Chris Brogan one minute gave way to later seeing the sincere look of relief in an attendees eyes when I explained that 'You can do this!'

Marketing Profs did a great job of patterning the social media track as being entry-level for the most part, but being taught by true thought leaders and experts in this space. It's no surprise that every session was jam-packed, and so many people told me how excited they were after hearing the sessions.

This is what you should want from an event; to learn, to meet great people, and to go home inspired.

On that note, here is Gary Vaynerchuk's amazing keynote:


Donna Tocci said...

Mack - it was wonderful to meet you in person at the event. Wish we all had more time to have more conversations. Bummed that I didn't get down early enough to join your roundtable breakfast, but happy to see that the table was packed! I'm sure every single person at that table walked away with some great knowledge and inspiration from you!

Mark said...

Thanks for sharing Mack! I love this guy!

Sonny Gill said...

A homerun indeed, Mack! Brought home to me the true essence of a relationship and how it comes full circle when you meet people face to face and build from the online connection.

Definitely awesome hanging with you and others at the event!

Anonymous said...

This kicks ass. :D

I really need to figure out out to create a movement in South Carolina that helps people people/companies get into this mode of thinking.

Maybe I've been missing the boat, not focusing on companies in my own back yard.

Hmmm... Food for thought.