Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have you joined the Bum Rush for The Age of Conversation?

Today is the day for the launch of the Bum Rush for The Age of Conversation! Thanks to the massive efforts of Chris Wilson we're trying to push The Age of Conversation to the top of the Amazon sales charts!

And so far it looks like we are well on our way, as the sales rank for AoC has risen from 102,282 to currently 1,562 in less than 24 hours!

If you aren't familiar with The Age of Conversation, it's a groundbreaking collaboration involving over 100 bloggers/marketers/writers that each submitted a chapter on this 'Age of Conversation' we are entering into. Each co-author talks about why conversation is important, and the tools that are making the conversation possible.

Here's my write-up from last April, as well as a preview of my chapter.

And best of all, all proceeds from the sale of AoC benefit Variety, the Children's Charity. The authors don't make a penny. I will admit that I am probably prouder to be involved in this project than any other since I started blogging in 2005.

So if you want to join the Bum Rush and push AoC to the top of the Amazon sales chart (and demonstrate the power of the blogosphere and social media in the process), then you can order your copy of The Age of Conversation at this link. Please only order one copy at a time, so that we have the maximum affect on the sales rank. Also, if you are planning on attending Blogger Social next weekend, keep in mind that 38 of the co-authors of The Age of Conversation will be attending, so order a copy and bring it so we can sign it!

UPDATE: The Amazon sales rank for The Age of Conversation is now up to 1,161. So the book has risen over 100,000 spots in the last 24 hours! Sweet!

Nother UPDATE: The Age of Conversation has cracked the Top 1,000, and is now ranked #917 on Amazon! Power to the People!!!!

Yet ANOTHER UPDATE: Now the AoC is up to #368 overall! HUGE!

Still ANOTHER UPDATE: The AoC moved up to #293, and now sits at #262 overall and #36 in business.


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Anonymous said...

This sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for sharing. We look forward to more updates on it's ranking in Amazon!