Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you spot the social advertising?

First we have this twit from Jeremiah:
Now this example from Facebook of how their 'social ads' would work:
Even if that 'Sponsored' disclaimer wasn't attached to Meagan's heartfelt endorsement of a movie about Navy fighters wearing insanely large Ray Bans, it still 'looks' like an ad. Jeremiah's twit, on the other hand, is instantly recognizable as him wanting to share a blog that he enjoys with his Twitter friends.

Do you think Meagan convinced more people to rent Top Gun than Jeremiah did to visit Now is Gone?

If you want to succeed in social media, you do so by attempting to bring value to your audience, not by attempting to monetize them.

UPDATE - Jeremiah adds in the comments:"It should have sent more people as I made a direct and voluntary option to share with my network"

Note the word 'share'.


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Anonymous said...

Yup. And this is such common sense, too. Common sense meaning: if you create value for your audiences they'll return the favor by buzzing over you (and maybe just invest time and money into you).

Alas we still get bogus ads by Blockbuster.

Mack Collier said...

"Alas we still get bogus ads by Blockbuster."

Which are facilitated and encouraged by Facebook. Because what's the point of assembling a massive community of users, if you can't monetize them?!?

Anonymous said...

It should have sent more people as I made a direct and voluntary option to share with my network

I didn't use a pre made tool like Facebook's social ads, I said it, rather than waiting for a non-verbal gesture.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that was me about the third comment

Written by Jeremiah Owyang

Geoff_Livingston said...

Thanks, Mack. it's an honor to be considered valuable by both you and Jeremiah.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

I love that all your anons have to say who they are.

Anonymous said...

sorry..that last one was CK.

Mack Collier said...

LMAO! @CK. I am going to have to do some serious research into Wordpress. I guess switching to a better blog platform can be my Christmas present to myself? ;)

Anonymous said...

Good point mack - these movy thingies on Facebook drive me insane!

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah wouldn't have recommended Now is Gone if he had known I was blogging there!

Hey Mack - interesting that Blockbuster gets highlighted for drinking Facebook's ill-conceived ale. I wrote a glowing report about great customer service, and offered to tell them the name of the employee who went over and above. I tagged the post up really nice where they could find it, but nothing yet.

There's a running clock in my sidebar.