Sunday, December 09, 2007

Age of Conversation podcast with David Brazeal is up

Thanks muchly to David Brazeal for allowing me to be the latest Age of Conversation co-author to be featured on his ongoing podcast series. David and I talked about my chapter in the Age of Conversation, 'Breaking Marketing Barriers from the Top of a Harley'(page 19). We talk about how Harley-Davidson embraces their community of customers by joining them, how blogging and social media can change the culture of a company, and the 'rocket science' behind the growth of The Viral Garden.

As always, David did an excellent job, as he has with the other co-authors in his series, and I want to thank him again for going out of his way to help promote The Age of Conversation. Of course I sound like a complete goober, but hey, that's how I roll. You can listen for yourself here.

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