Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nettwerk / Vancouver Sun team up to give away music downloads

I've definitely got to start paying more attention to my Facebook account. Nettwerk's Erin Kinghorn left me a message a few days ago there about a 48-hour promotion that Nettwerk and the Vancouver Sun are teaming up on to give everyone a free download of an 'album' worth of music from several Netttwerk artists. The album features tracks from Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Leigh Nash, The Be Good Tanyas, and several others, 15 tracks in all.

They have a video explaining what they are doing, and they say that you can download the music and listen to it as much as you like, make as many copies as you want to give to your friends. Terry McBride explains that they are doing this because 'you're going to do it anyway, we'd just rather make it legal for you to do'.

Now here's the bad news...the promotion is only good for 48 hours and that 48 hours started at 12:01 am Saturday. So you've got till midnight tonight (Pacific Standard Time) to download the album, and I highly recommend doing so.

If you want to get the album, click here.


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