Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Companies continue to embrace blogging

I recently saw a couple of examples of how companies are becoming more familiar and comfortable with blogging and the blogosphere.

First, Peter tipped us to Delta Airlines new blog that launched late last month. Now this isn't the best company blog I have ever seen, but for a large company, this is a very strong initial effort and I'll be reviewing Under the Wing in the Company Blog Checkup Series in a few weeks. I think this is also a sign that companies, even those as large as Delta, are not only wanting to blog, but are taking the blogosphere seriously enough to do their homework so that they enter this space with a solid effort.

Also, I noticed that after I featured Annie's Homegrown's company blog Bernie's Blog in my Company Blog Checkup a few weeks ago, that the company took my review of its blog as an opportunity to get feedback from its customers:
I was thrilled to see Bernie’s Blog reviewed by the good folks at The Viral Garden and it got me to thinking:
What do you, as a Bernie’s Blog reader, want to see more of?
What am I doing right, or wrong? You can tell me. I can take it.

Do you like hearing the point of view of me, a rabbit? Are there others you’d like to hear from within the Annie’s family? Topics you’d like to see us hop into?

If you would be so kind as to write us here with your thoughts, I would be grateful and I will pass your comments along to Annie. Plus, take our short poll. Your answers will help me decide what next to write about in Bernie’s Blog.

Great example of how Annie's Homegrown is not only monitoring the blogosphere to see what bloggers are saying about its blog, but also how they are reaching out to their readers to give them a sense of ownership in Bernie's Blog.

Exciting times as more and more companies are beginning to understand and realize the possibilities that can come from blogging.

Bonus Link: Great quote from CopyBlogger on how one software company was able to achieve remarkable growth in the blog's readership:
In other words, the blog is designed not to sell software directly, but to offer value to existing and prospective customers of Articulate.

This is a great point, because too many companies make the mistake of viewing a blog as a DIRECT selling tool. It isn't.

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Anonymous said...

It's got to take guts for an airline to enter the blogosphere. With the current fairly awful state of on-time arrivals and mediocre cabin service they are an industry that will draw more than their share of negative commentary. Usually, I'd say that negative feedback is a good thing as it gives the company an opportunity to address issues in an open forum and describe the steps they have taken to fix them. The airline problems, though, seem more structural in nature. Good for Delta, though - it seems like a solid effort.