Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fantasy Football Sunday

And then there were 8.

The playoffs start this weekend for the Marketing Bloggers fantasy football league. The playoff matchups are(seeds in parentheses):

(1)Airbag Industries vs. (8) Brand Autopsy
(4)The DIG Tank vs. (5) UX Magazine
(3)Brains on Fire (6) Casual Sundays
(7)The Social Customers vs. (2)The Viral Garden

IMO, I need a big game from my QB to have a chance in this game. QB has been the one position where the team has been consistently inconsistent. Out of 4 QBs, I'm still not sure if I've found a consistent one. I've been going with Vince Young in the past few weeks, and I'll stick with him. I almost went with Vick, then as soon as I decide to keep him on the bench, he throws for 4 TDs against the Cowboys. Ugh. Even Alex Smith went off for 3 TDs last Thursday, so if Young tanks today against Jax, that will probably cost me the game.

And if LJ wants to go off for about 5 TDs, I won't complain ;)

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