Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fantasy Football Sunday

I've been meaning to post about this for literally weeks, but back at the start of the season, John Moore from the Brand Autopsy blog was nice enough to start a Fantasy Football League just for Marketing Bloggers. The list of blogs in the league are some of the best on the internet, and includes:

Airbag Industries
Brains on Fire
Brand Autopsy
Buzz Canuck
Casual Fridays
Church of the Customer
The DIG Tank
The Fast Growth Blog
Own Your Brand
Shotgun Marketing
Social Customer Manifesto
True Talk
UX Magazine
The Viral Garden

If you're not familiar with fantasy football, you 'draft' a team of players, and you get points for each player based on how those players perform in actual games. For example, if a quarterback throws for a TD, you get 6 points. If he throws an interception, you lose 2 points. We play a 'season', and for each week, you are paired against another marketing blogger. The points for each player are added up to get a score for each team, and the team with the higher score, wins that week.

Luckily, I'm coming into Week 13 tied for the lead, record-wise(9-3), in the league with DIG Tank. DIG Tank is the overall #1 team based on points. Oh and BTW, The Viral Garden plays The DIG Tank this week.

I'm rolling the dice a bit with this week's lineup, giving Vince Young his first start this year, and benching the incredibly inconsistent Michael Vick. Amazingly, I have FOUR QBs on my roster, and still don't have a consistent starter in Week 13. I'll need a big game from Young, along with solid play from my WRs and Leon Washington to have a chance against The DIG Tank. Larry Johnson has been a rock this year, and should rush for big points against the hapless Cleveland Browns.

Next week is the last week of the season, and then the playoffs start. Right now The Viral Garden and The DIG Tank are the only 2 blogs that have clinched a playoff spot. There are 14 teams, and 8 of them will make the playoffs.

I'll update everyone for at least 2 more weeks, and hopefully a bit longer than that if The Viral Garden can keep winning in the playoffs. I will say that this season has been a BLAST, and John has found a way to get me excited about pro football, which I previously could have cared less about. Besides the Steelers of course, then again they haven't given me much to get excited about this year anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know that the Fantasy football mania is taking the best of us...
Where do you people host your league?

Mack Collier said...

Our's is at Yahoo. I got the StatTracker and now my blogging and all other means of production comes to a total halt from 12pm-9pm Sundays ;)

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your victory and move to first place. Well played!

See you in the playoffs ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you've had as much fun as I have this season Mack. Unfortunately, I'm doing much worse in my league that pays the winners. 11 out of 12. Ouch!

We may meet in the 2nd round of playoffs. I owe you from week 5.

Mack Collier said...

Thanks Howard, but I hope not. With Chicago's defense and Romo being hot as a firecracker, I like your chances.

Dustin I am worried about where you end up ranked, and Brains on Fire, because I want to skip both of you for as long as possible. My team's just been too inconsistent this year, and I've been VERY lucky to catch several teams having an off-week against my, that's why 5 teams have a higher point-total than I do. With Moss coming back, if my WRs can step up finally, I have a chance.

Anonymous said...


You have a great chance. Every one of us relies on luck to get by occasionally. I would love to take out Brains on Fire, but that's a tall order.

Either way, it's gonna be fun.