Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fantasy Football Sunday

We're heading into the final week of the regular season in the Marketing Bloggers fantasy football league, and there's still plenty up in the air. The Viral Garden won a close one over The DIG Tank to take over 1st in the league last week. This week is a rematch with UX Magazine, who I beat in one of the closest games of the year in Week 1, by just 0.13 points.

The decision to go with Vince Young at QB last week didn't bite me, so I'm going to stick with him this week as he has his homecoming against the Texans. I'm hoping that he'll want to show-out back in his home state, and try to make sure the Texans see what a mistake they made in bypassing him to draft Mario Williams at #1. I finally got decent production from my WRs last week, as well as my #2 RB, and if that can continue, I like my chances in the playoffs.

Heading into the final week, 6 of the 8 playoff spots are secured, with the teams that have qualified for the playoffs being:

The Viral Garden(10-3)
Airbag Industries(9-4)
The DIG Tank(9-4)
Brains on Fire(8-5)
Casual Sundays(Fridays)(8-5)
UX Magazine(8-5)

There's 2 spots left, with 5 teams still fighting for them:

Brand Autopsy(7-6)
The Social Customers(6-7)
Own Your Brand(6-7)
The Buzz Canucks(5-8)
True Talk(5-8)

Brand Autopsy is the only blog that controls its destiny. If John wins, BA is in, everyone else needs help. The Social Customers have a huge point lead over Own Your Brand, so a win likely gets them in as well. A big kink in the plans for BA is that their opponent this week, Church of the Customer, has jumped out to an almost 40-point lead due to strong performances last Thursday by Ben Rothlisberger and Willie Paaaaaahker.

Next week, the playoff brackets.

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