The Best of The Viral Garden

Here's some of my favorite posts from The Viral Garden. If this is your first time here, these will bring you up to speed on my marketing philosophies, and where the focus of this blog lies.

Marketing With Your Community:
Part 1 - This All Makes Sense...
Part 2 - Walking with the Consumer
Part 3 - Joining the Community
Part 4 - I Don't WANT to Listen to the Consumer
Part 5 - Empowering Your Community
Part 6 - Empowering Your Marketing

A Lesson in How to Empower Your Community: Fiskateers

Word to Marketers: When You Screw With Your Community, You Screw Yourself

Coke gets geyser of community-based publicity, but doesn't want it

100 CDs For 100 Bloggers

I'll tell the whole wide world...

Trust can remove the need for marketing

But what if your passion WAS the community?

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