Thursday, June 19, 2008

How well do you know your audience?

I'm now writing for three blogs. A big reason why I decided to do this is because each blog is read by a slightly different audience. I think.

Here, I believe the audience is people that are active in social media, and have a solid basic understanding of these tools. You guys are using these tools and familiar with them. When I ask you which you like better, Twitter or Plurk, you have used both sites and have a definite opinion.

At Daily Fix, I *think* the audience leans more toward corporate marketers that have some understanding of social media, but still have much to learn. They are familiar with most of the social sites and tools, but might not have used them yet. They have probably heard of Twitter and possibly used it, but would scratch their heads over Plurk. Again, I *think* this is DF's audience.

At Search Engine Guide, I *think* the audience is mostly small to medium business owners and marketers that have some basic idea of social media, but want to learn more. They might have heard of Twitter, but most probably don't use it. Plurk would completely confuse them. Again I *think* this is SEG's audience.

So I decided to add a poll widget to the sidebar that will give you the chance to vote on the content you want to see here at The Viral Garden. Your choices are Advanced Social Media Strategies, Blogging 101, Social Media case studies, social media 101, and Less Social Media, more marketing.

I'll try to update the poll question every week or so, and this will hopefully be a fun way for you guys to have more input into the content that's created here! So please let me know what you think by taking the poll!



Zac Martin said...

As a reader of this blog I think you summed me up perfectly.

And my answer is Plurk.

tinku said...

Hi Mark,

I read both this blog and the Daily Fix one and I think I am somewhere in the middle in terms of your audience description.

My favourite part of your blog is the Company Checkup. Will you be doing any more soon?


tinku said...

I just realized I called you Mark (my boss's name) and not Mack. Sorry, needing a coffee this morning!

Mack Collier said...

"My favourite part of your blog is the Company Checkup. Will you be doing any more soon?"

Amrita thank you! I love the Company Blog Checkups as well. The reason why I don't do them more often is because it's hard for me to find examples that I think would benefit the readers here. Many I see are just VERY bad, and I hate to feature a blog, then spend the entire post pointing out all that's wrong with it. I like to feature blogs that have some high and low points, so I can use it as a teaching tool to point out what the company is doing right, and what they are doing wrong.

So if you or anyone else has a company blog you'd like me to look at for possibly including in the series, please email me or leave a comment here!