Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bloggers do it again, SxDS is ON!

What (I think) started out as a rant, is now reality. Earlier this year, Ike Pigott was on Twitter lamenting the fact that he was sick of hearing everyone talking about all these cool events like SXSW and Blogger Social, that he couldn't attend. He started talking about how we needed to have 'a South by Deep South'.

And he got a LOT of people's attention. So much so that the interest level reached the point where the only viable option was to actually have the damned thing.

So that's exactly what's going to happen.

On September the 26th-28th, the city of Birmingham, Alabama will be home to the first ever SxDS festival. And the event will also feature what is thought to be the South's first ever WordCamp. Ike says the festival will feature three main tracks: Social Media/PR/marketing, Web Development, and WordCamp. I've already told him I want to speak, and if you are also interested in speaking or being on a panel, or simply want to help with organizing the event, make SURE you get in contact with Ike. He also needs speakers for WordCamp, check out this post. He's also already had multiple businesses step up about sponsorship opps, if you are interested in this, make sure you get in touch with him.

BTW how can you not LOVE the spirit of bloggers? It's this sort of 'Let's do it!' mentality that led to Blogger Social, and now it seems it's also going to give us a kick-ass conference in the fall! Gotta love it!

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