Sunday, September 03, 2006

Viral Community News

Studio UES was recently named one of Blogger's 'Blogs of Note'. Congrats to Tricia, and a well-deserved honor!

JD at Musical Ramblings announces that he'll be starting a podcast soon. Good deal and he should be great at it.

Chris gives his MMM column for the movie Crank, and adds this:
I loved getting this package. And not only did I take pictures of everything I got and then put them on Flickr and then my blog, but I was talking to everybody I saw later about it and distributing some of those temporary tattoos. That's what I call enabling word-of-mouth.

Yep. Empower bloggers to more effectively perform pre-existing activities. It works every time.

Paul has a great post about marketers putting trust in their customers, so they will trust us. Exactly. Many companies see marketing as a promotional tool, when they should view it as a tool to empower their community members.

CK wants your input on what the greatest single point of value you've received from blogging. She's already received a ton of comments, and the answers from other bloggers are fascinating as well!

Thanks to Nettie for 'blogtipping' The Viral Garden last week at AllBusiness!

And finally, an update on The Viral Garden's place in the Top 100 Most Popular Blogs. Thanks to Chris (Branding and Marketing), Linda(Exceptional Dental Practice Management), and Mike(Mike Stopforth) adding me to their Technorati Favorites, The Viral Garden is currently #80 in the Top 100. Again, this has completely come from loyal and generous members of The Viral Community, with zero input from the 'A-Listers'. Thanks to everyone, and that updated score is:

The Viral Community: 65
'A-Listers' : 0

If you'd like to join 'The Revolution', please click on the logo below to add The Viral Garden to your favorites, and I'll be happy to link to your blog. Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks to Kris('Cross The Breeze) for also adding The Viral Garden!

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