Thursday, September 21, 2006

New post up at Daily Fix, new article up at Marketing Profs

My latest post is up at Daily Fix, and it covers a great community empowerment program that the New Jersey Nets have created to boost season-ticket packages. It goes to the heart of the marketing concept of rewarding your evangelists for activities they are already engaging in.

Also, my first feature article is up at Marketing Profs. entitled "Five Real-World Ways Businesses Are Marketing to Their Communities". The article talks about how several companies have embraced and empowered their communities, including Fiskars, Maker's Mark, Mozilla, Threadless, and New Line Cinemas. The article also gives businesses tips on how they can create and cultivate their own group of evangelists and make them their marketing partners in the community. You need to be an MP subscriber to read it.

Additionally, I have begun writing/editing for Marketing Vox. MV is one of the most respected marketing news sites on the internet, and it brings you all the marketing and advertising news you need every day. Tig and Vahe have been great about getting me acclimated to the process, so check out the Vox if you get a chance!

Also, I want to say thanks to Alice and Ben for adding The Viral Garden to their favorite blogs. If you'd like to add the Garden, please click on the link below, and thanks!

PS: Thanks to Lolly and Miss Biz for the link-love!

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