Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs - 122

Here's the standings for Week 122:

1 - Duct Tape Marketing - 225,000 (+2,000)(LW - 1)
2 - Church of the Customer - 214,000 (+2,000)(LW - 2)
3 - CopyBlogger - 42,648 (+2,576)(LW - 3)
4 - Search Engine Guide - 12,237 (-63)LW - 4)
5 - Chris Brogan - 8,749 (+244)(LW - 5)
6 - Influential Marketing - 7,031 (+344)(LW - 6)
7 - Daily Fix - 6,053 (+4,959)(LW - 23)
8 - Jaffe Juice - 5,047 (LW - UR)
9 - Logic + Emotion - 3,569 (+2)(LW - 7)
10 - Drew's Marketing Minute - 3,233 (+14)(LW - 8)
11 - Converstations - 3,148 (+62)(LW - 10)
12 - The Viral Garden - 3,080 (-6)(LW - 10)
13 - What's Next - 3,047 (-82)(LW - 9)
14 - Experience Curve - 2,823 (+15)(LW - 12)
15 - Conversation Agent - 2,756 (-11)(LW - 13)
16 - Techipedia - 2,297 (-25)(LW - 14)
17 - The Social Media Marketing Blog - 2,088 (No Change)(LW - 15)
18 - Emergence Marketing - 1,821 (No Change)(LW - 16)
19 - The Social Customer Manifesto - 1,695 (+55)(LW - 17)
20 - Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog - 1,612 (+8)(LW - 18)
21 - Techno Marketer - 1,410 (+23)(LW - 19)
22 - Social Media Explorer - 1,349 (+30)(LW - 20)
23 - Spare Change - 1,274 (No Change)(LW - 21)
24 - Movie Marketing Madness - 1,267 (-1)(LW - 22)
25 - Customers Rock! - 797 (-50)(LW - 24)

The Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs are ranked according to the number of subscribers, according to FeedBurner. The number you see after the blog name is how many subscribers accessed the blog's feed, according to FeedBurner. FeedBurner (and I had to look it up to make sure) tracks the number of times your blog's feed is accessed, and matches it against the IP address of the computer making the request, to approximate the number of subscribers that access your feed, and report this as the number used in the Top 25. After that number is a positive or negative number, and this represents how many readers the blog gained or lost from last week's Top 25. The final stat tells you what position the blog held in the Top 25 Last Week (LW). If you see this; (LW - UR), it means the blog wasn't ranked last week.

Fourteen blogs up this week with 7 down. Compared to last week's 13 up and 8 down, that's a good sign. Also strength at the top, as only one blog in the Top 10 was down. It seems that the Top 8 positions are pretty much locked down for the near future, but #9-15 could see plenty of shuffling in the coming weeks.

Jaffe Juice cannonballs back into the Top 25 this week at #8, making Joseph the lone new entry. Shotgun Marketing, Biz Solutions Plus and Every Dot Connects just missed the cut. Remember if you want to have your blog be considered for inclusion in the Top 25, make sure you add the Feedburner feed count chicklet to your blog.

BTW posting here will be very lax the rest of this week, and next week. I'm knee-deep in preparing for SBMU, so that and client work is making Mack a very busy boy right now. But I will get back in the swing when I get back from SBMU, which of course will be amazing, and I hope I can meet some of you there!

Next update is next Wednesday.


Clay Parker Jones said...

Hey Mack...

What does it take to get on the list of potential blogs for this list? Last time it was updated I woulda' made it based on subscribers, but now it looks like a natural settling has occurred. I have a long way to go, but I figure I can find a way to add 500 subs and make the (bottom of the) list.

Have a good one,

I Can't Keep Up said...

Mack, thanks for doing this list every week! It's a great way for folks to shorten their list. Also, I don't always look as closely as I did today, but I find the gains and losses particularly fascinating.

What does it take for a blog to get a bump of 2,000-4,000 new subscribers?

Mack Collier said...

Clay the main thing is to remind me to check your blog ;) Second thing is to have a blog that focuses on social media and/or branding/marketing. I tend to lean away from those that devote a lot of space to affiliate marketing and SEO/SEM, but if they also spend time on other topics such as social media, I'll consider them. Also, if your blog is a hybrid personal/professional, I tend to stay away from those as well.

But again, the main thing is to just remind me that you are out there. I've got so many blogs that I keep up with and check that I am always forgetting one, it seems.

Deb if you are talking about Daily Fix's big leap, I think DF was actually under-reporting their subscriber numbers, my guess is because their feeds weren't all redirecting to the Feedburner version, so FB wasn't getting an accurate count. So they didn't really 'gain' that many this week, it's just that now they are reporting the 'real' number of subscribers they have. I've been talking to Ann about that for a while, and we could tell just from comparing my traffic and subscriber numbers with DF that there was no way DF only had 1,100 or so subscribers.

Gavin Heaton said...

I thought that the DailyFix must have some strange setup ... 1100 subscribers! Ha! Good to see it back up the top of the list, where it belongs.

Ari Herzog said...

Google employs between 15,000 and 20,000 people; yet Wikipedia employs 15.

Number of employees, therefore, does not necessarily translate into quality content.

Yet, when you talk about the "top 25 blogs," you are talking about subscriber numbers only, without concern for the content. Right? Or am I missing something?

Granted, Wikipedia uses a devoted cadre of volunteers, but still.