Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogging Workshop links

Hello Columbus! I'll be mentioning several blogs, tools and sites in my Blogging Workshop on Tuesday, and here are the links so that you can check them out for yourself!

Monitoring Tools:

Google Blog Search

Technorati (add your blog/site's URL minus http:// to track links to your blog/site, ex: http://www.technorati.com/blogs/YOURSITEURLHERE)

Twitter Search


Examples of blogging platforms:

MasiGuy's blog

LinkedIn's blog

HomeGoods' OpenHouse Blog

Starwood Hotels' The Lobby

Examples of blogs with great content:

NewCastle Square Realty blog

Patagonia's The Cleanest Line blog

Innocent Drinks' Daily Thoughts blog

Examples of blogs that do a good job with comments:

Life of a Farm blog

Turkey Hills' Ice Cream Journal blog

Examples of blogs that have strong posting schedules:

Kodak's A Thousand Words blog

The Fiskateers Blog

Graco's Blog

Examples of blogs with good sidebar elements

Corner Violin Shop

Wal-Mart's Checkout Blog

Tracking blog traffic/subscribers



Sites you can use to grow your blog traffic


Twitter Packs

Twitter Local



Plurk about asking Plurk members if there are small business uses for Plurk

LinkedIn's Q&A section



Melody-Jane Symonds said...

This seems like a valuable site for bloggers so far, but I have to ask you why I can't see the 'Follow this blog' tool anywhere on the page.

It is the only tool I use to bookmark blogs, as I've found that I never revisit browser bookmarks or open RSS feed readers. I'm sure I can't be alone in this behaviour.

Mack Collier said...

Thanks Melody! The reason I haven't added the Followers widget is because I would have to convert to the Layout format, which would screw up my existing template. And besides, I have in mind to eventually move to Wordpress anyway.