Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Want to know why you should be blogging?

Talk about an epiphany! A few weeks ago CK left a post asking marketing bloggers to tell her what was the single-most important point of value we received from blogging. A great post that included a multitude of wonderful comments from several of the best marketing bloggers out there.

Well as usually happens with a post with a bunch of great comments, over time it got pushed further and further into the archives where fewer readers could benefit from the wisdom it contained. Well CK found a way to fix that! She's created this wonderful PDF that collects ALL the comments to that post, in a quick and easy to read format! What a BRILLIANT idea!

And the PDF includes views from 28 of the top marketing bloggers on the internet. If any of you are wondering about what exactly there is to gain from blogging, read this list. It's coming from the people that are in this space and benefitting from it every day.

Below is a complete list of all the marketing bloggers that contributed, and I encourage everyone that did to post about this as well, as I think this is a wonderful resource for all of us!

Noah Brier
Jackie Huba
Mack Collier
Laura Ries
Paul McEnany
David Berkowitz
Eric Kintz
Lewis Green
Vaspers the Grate
David Armano
Paul Gillin
Neil Vineberg
Monica Powers
Ann Handley
David Reich
Adam Rakunas
Karl Long
Max Kalehoff
Bob Glaza
Gavin Heaton
Tim Jackson
Jordan Behan
Tricia Mangan
Mario Sundar
Ryan Anderson
Ben McConnell
Greg Verdino

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CK said...

"If any of you are wondering about what exactly there is to gain from blogging, read this list."

Great point--and yet another point of value I hope will come out of the piece. It's small wonder we blog when you look at ALL the reasons listed on the piece.

I hope more marketers will join the conversation, both for their peers and, most especially, their customers.

Jordan Behan said...

This is the single coolest thing I have seen in a long time.

Well done, CK! And thank you!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

It's so very official; CK kicks major ass!

I feel really fortunate to be among the folks who are listed here Mack. When I saw the PDF I admit a got a little goosebumpy... it's just that cool.

J.D. said...

That's a very cool PDF (and great kick-back links to everyone.)

I agree, marketers should be blogging (with the caveat that they should at least know what they're talking about or be willing to listen.) It's a world-wide conversation and community out there now. Jump on or get out of the way.