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Michael Wagner at Own Your Brand!, has an amazing pair of posts about how Rick Rubin helped Johnny Cash revitalize his musical brand. Here's an added bonus: A link to watch Cash's video for Hurt, IMO the best music video ever.

Speaking of music, Tricia has a great post about how bands are finding that 'internet hype' might not always be an unknown band's best friend.

Daily Fix update: Joe Jaffe from Jaffe Juice has been added, as has Scott Baradell from Media Orchard. Ms. Community keeps on keepin' on!

New blogs that I am enjoying: No Man's Blog, and Marketing Nirvana. And if you needed further proof of how bad my self-promotional skills are, I was honored to be among Mario's Top 5 Marketing Blogs at #5, where I am #12 in my own list!

Finally, an interesting illustration of how an active blog generates more traffic than your average website. Leigh has a great advertising/marketing/branding blog called AdverGirl. Leigh works for, as she puts it, a 'midwest advertising agency'.

Alexa ranking for Leigh's blog? 242,365.
Alexa ranking for Leigh's agency's website? 2,611,250.

UPDATE: Karl Long has a great recap of the Supernova Conference, which focused on how social media and communities are impacting marketing. Great stuff.

NOTHER UPDATE: Chris adds extremely detailed notes from BloggerCon.

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At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Michael Wagner said...

Mack - thanks for highlighting my postings on Johnny and Rick. Very much appreciated!

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Mack Collier said...

No problem Michael, they were great!

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Mario Sundar said...


Thanks for the blog-shout-out.

I was thinking aloud on my blog: Maybe we marketing bloggers should have an Annual Bloggers Meet.

An opportunity to meet with fellow marketers as well as brainstorm sessions on the latest & greatest in marketing 2.0.

What you think?

Marketing Nirvana


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