Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#blogchat update for Feb - Music Marketing and Corporate Blogging!

Big update for February as a couple of super smart co-hosts have agreed to join us for #blogchat.

First, if aren't sure what #blogchat is, it's a chat that happens every Sunday nite on Twitter at 8pm Central. We talk about topics related to personal, professional and business blogging. Occasionally we stray off and talk about broader issues relating to social media, but for the most part we are blog-centric in our discussions.

You can follow #blogchat on the web here or here, and you can get the background on how it came to be here.

Now for the real news; after getting feedback from you guys in the previous post, I've decided to move the first two #blogchats in February to Monday nite, to avoid conflicts with the Super Bowl, and Valentine's Day.

And on the 8th, the fantabulous @MissKatieMo has agreed to join us to discuss music marketing, and how musicians can connect with their fans via social media (especially blogging). Katie is the current Marketing Manager for Ripple6 in NYC, and also handles marketing and promotions for the music label Pressing Issues, dubbed 'The World's First Democratic Dubstep Label'. Plus she has an excellent blog, Candid Katie. Anyone that's read this blog for any amount of time knows that music marketing is one of my absolute favorite topics, so I am seriously looking forward to Katie joining us on the 8th.

The topic for the 15th is still to be determined, but on the 21st we go back to Sunday nites, AND will be joined by none other than Dell's Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca! Lionel is widely recognized as one of the very best corporate bloggers on the planet, and he'll be joining us to discuss how corporate bloggers craft their content. Thanks to @kseniacoffman for suggesting this topic!

As you can guess, I am seriously pumped about both of these chats, as these are two of my favorite topics and Katie and Lionel are two of my favorite people! BTW a reminder, this Sunday's #blogchat is Open Mic, meaning YOU decide what we talk about!

Oh and to get you in the mood for Katie's #blogchat on the 8th, here's my favorite presentation ever, What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media!

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