Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The secret behind why evangelism makes good marketing sense

I love this quote from Maker's Mark CEO Bill Samuels on why his company wanted to reach out and empower their evangelists(emphasis added):
We enjoy talking to our customers one-to-one. It really is in our nature. We never worry about the fact that this is inefficient because we are only talking to 50 or 60 or a thousand or ten thousand instead of a million. Which you do when you try to slap everybody on the ass with an advertising message. Because we know that our next customers are going to come from their efforts, not from our efforts.

Bonus Link: Becky tells us how Fallen got an evangelist for life.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty simple yet empowering message. It would be wonderful if more companies can take this route. The world would become a better place if other businesses enjoyed talking to their customers one-on-one more. As a regular customer, I have to say that receiving such treatment (no matter how simple this all is) has a great and positive impact on me.