Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs - Week 77

Here's the standings for Week 77:

1 - Seth's Blog - 9,045 (-177)(LW - 1)
2 - Duct Tape Marketing - 2,367 (-26)(LW - 2)
3 - Search Engine Guide - 1,206 (+10)(LW - 3)
4 - Logic + Emotion - 1,119 (-39)(LW - 4)
5 - Daily Fix - 993 (-21)(LW - 5)
6 - What's Next - 987 (-20)(LW - 6)
7 - Diva Marketing - 961 (-36)(LW - 7)
8 - Brand Autopsy - 793 (No Change)(LW - 8)
9 - Drew's Marketing Minute - 725 (-15)(LW - 10)
10 - Converstations - 724(-8)(LW - 11)
11 - Influential Marketing - 716 (-25)(LW - 9)
12 - Church of the Customer - 665 (+6)(LW - 12)
13 - The Viral Garden - 576 (-11)(LW - 14)
14 - Jaffe Juice - 573 (-29)(LW - 13)
15 - Marketing Roadmaps - 540 (-1)(LW - 16)
16 - Conversation Agent - 535 (+6)(LW - 17)
17 - Branding and Marketing - 521 (-21)(LW - 15)
17 - Marketing Headhunter - 521 (No Change)(LW - 18)
19 - Coolzor - 495 (No Change)(LW - 19)
20 - Customers Rock! - 479 (No Change)(LW - 20)
21 - Servant of Chaos - 467 (-11)(LW - 21)
22 - CK's Blog - 428 (+1)(LW - 22)
23 - Experience Curve - 403 (-20)(LW - 23)
24 - Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog - 369 (-15)(LW - 24)
25 - Hee-Haw Marketing - 360 (-10)(LW - 25)

A reminder that the Top 25 Marketing Blogs are ranked according to the number of sites/blogs linking to each, according to Technorati. The number you see after the blog name is how many sites/blogs Technorati claims have linked to the blog in the last 6 months. After that number is a positive or negative number, and this represents how many links the blog gained or lost from last week's Top 25. The final stat tells you what position the blog held in the Top 25 Last Week (LW). If you see this; (LW - UR), it means the blog wasn't ranked last week.

While the overall health of the Top 25 appears to be pretty weak, there were 4 blogs that added links this week, and several others that lost 15 or less. My guess is we'll see this continue now as we get into the summer months of Technorati's 6-month window for counting links. It remains to be seen what the contributing factor has been in all the links being shed; movement toward social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or simply the summer slowdown. My guess is it's a mix of both.

There were some moves this week, as Drew's Marketing Minute, Converstations, The Viral Garden, Marketing Roadmaps, Conversation Agent and Marketing Headhunter all moved up a notch. Also, Search Engine Guide continues to move upward, and now looks to have a decent hold on the #3 spot.

Next update is next Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mack - I think that the downward trend points to Technorati problems as much as anything else. I am pretty certain that I am adding new links from new blogs faster than I'm losing the old, and yet my authority declines by the day. I think that for the majority of us, Technorati has simply stopped updating the counts. Not sure why - or how some blogs are climbing - but even by Technorati support request (asking them to check into this for me) has gone unanswered for almost a week - and in the past, they were always pretty responsive. Argh.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Greg. There's something screwy at headquarters. The Daily Fix has been shedding links faster than a Golden Retriever in the spring.

Mack Collier said...

Greg I would normally think that it was just a summer slowdown/Facebook/Twitter eating into everyone's blogging time that was causing most of the lost links. But TRati has been pitiful about updating link counts. Hell Marketing Headhunter hasn't been updated since 2006, it seems like. I do know that my readership, and the readership of most of the blogs I read regularly seems to be growing. So it really doesn't add up.

"shedding links faster than a Golden Retriever in the spring"

I gotta write that one down...

Anonymous said...

And normally I'd agree Mack - but same thing here. My RSS subs are triple what they were 6 months ago and my traffic is up by 2x. Plus I can see new blogs linking to me, even as my authority drops and drops and drops. None of this is good for a guy with OCD, like me. G

Harry Joiner said...

Despite NUMEROUS pings, Technorati has not updated my site since August. August! I really hate that.

Knowing exactly WHAT my readers link to (and WHEN they do it) is critical to keeping my material relevant. It's a shame Technorati and I cannot get it together. My readers suffer.

As if they weren't suffering enough already!


Mack Collier said...

"Plus I can see new blogs linking to me, even as my authority drops and drops and drops. None of this is good for a guy with OCD, like me. G"

Greg remember that Technorati claims to count only your links from the last 6 months. So if your count is dropping now, that SHOULD mean that you have fewer incoming links now, than you did 6 months ago, or in April. I'll buy that for now, but if we are still seeing link counts go down next month, then either Technorati is screwing up, or people just aren't reading blogs as much as they used to.