Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Z-List 2.0

Wow. Just go here and see what Becky, Sharon and Gavin have done. Simply amazing, and they are going to start a Wikipedia page for the Z-List?!?

Another great example of their taking a long list and making it easier for it to dissolve into a blogging community. Great work guys. Go leave them a comment if for no other reason than to acknowledge how much work this must have been!

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Tim Jackson said...

Wow! They did a great job.

You started something really cool and it has morphed all over the place. That's pretty kick-ass!

Anonymous said...

One of the BEST things about working on this was pushing ourselves to write a 10 word description. As you know, capturing that headline is a real challenge -- but this approach also means that we needed to look more closely at the content and the feel of each blog.

We certainly got a little more personal with all of these blogs! Now we are bracing ourselves for a raft of sites that we missed!

Anonymous said...

Creating this new z-list forced me to finally peruse, in detail, some of the fab z-list blogs out there. I learned so much! Thanks again for starting all of this, Mack.

Yes, Gavin, we certainly do have some that we missed. I hope they will let us know, and between us, we can add them in! Teamwork, teamwork! :-)

Anonymous said...

To make it easier to update, we have now put Z-list v2 onto a wiki for easy updating. You can find it here: