Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Walking with the consumer

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‘The consumer is in control, so get out of their way!’ A ‘Marketing 2.0’ catch-phrase that I just don’t understand.

’Getting out of the way’ implies to me that the consumer leads, and that marketers follow. I prefer to think that our goal as marketers is to clear a path for the consumer. The consumer will eventually reach their destination with or without us, but the value we bring to the equation is to help the consumer reach their destination as effectively as possible. We can't clear a path if the consumer is leading us. And if we get too far ahead of the consumer, we lose the ability to accurately anticipate their path.

So we walk with the consumer. If the consumer leads, our ability to clear their path is diminished, which doesn't serve the best interest of the consumer. If the marketer leads, then our ability to understand the consumer is diminished, which means our ability to understand which path they will take is lessened. And that's not in their best interest either. It also doesn't help us.

The best interests of BOTH the consumer and the marketer are best served when we walk together. And how do we walk with the consumer? By joining their community.

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