Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A lil (blue) birdie told me Marketing Profs has a new Community Manager!

And it's none other than Beth Harte! I'm not who deserves to be congratulated first, Beth for getting the gig, or Marketing Profs for getting Beth! So I'll congratulate both Beth and Ann Handley and the gang at Marketing Profs.

Oh and if you want to know how absolutely perfect Beth is for this position, note that The Harte of Marketing just celebrated it's FIRST blogging birthday! Yes that's right, she's only been blogging there for a year, but look at the incredibly vibrant community she has on her blog! And of course she's always been a big evangelist for Marketing Profs, so this really is the definition of a win-win situation for everyone! Here is Beth's post on what the move means to her, and why she made it.

So go congratulate Beth on her blog, and on Twitter!


Beth Harte said...

Thanks Mack! I am really excited to join the MarketingProfs team and I am hoping that Ann Handley's smarts will rub off on me! ;-)

There is nothing more exciting than being part of a team that's goal is to help marketers do their jobs better. As a marketer, MarketingProfs has helped me in my it's time to reciprocate & share that love with my fellow marketers. ;-)

Beth Harte
Community Manager, MarketingProfs

Jamie Favreau said...

Congrats to Beth I read her blog and regularly comment!

Ann Handley said...

Thank you, Mack. I've been a huge fan of Beth for a long time, too, and now I'm honored to be working with her.